Interview in Marie Claire mars 2002:   "J'AI HATE DE VIELLIR"



MC: You have now three films on your activity, in which you showed yourself rather convincing; nevertheless, do you seem always perceived like a top model? 
LC: That's true and this would be easier, if I didn't have to justify myself in every film. I would like to talk about cinema and about fashion photographs as well. These are two different things which however don't have any incompatibility. Yet I know that this annoys. The older I get, the more I realize it. I really want to say to the people: What is, for you, a model? Is it an extra-terrestrial? As for me, I think that the profession of a model has served me a lot in cinema. It has liberated me from lots of taboos that actresses often carry about their physique. Some look over the light that turns on them, try to show their best profile-"Ought to use this side..."(she mimics)-,but I don't give a dime about all that cause I've done it already. 

MC: We have the impression that you feel more free as far as your image is concerned 
LC: Yes, much more free. I've got nothing to prove from that side. On the contrary, I want to forget it! When I started, in the photos, I was arriving at castings where the other girls were so beautiful-of such a can never know! I was saying to myself: but what am I doing here, with my three Polaroid shots? I don't stand a chance! And then, I've done my little path. I have the impression that I haven't succeeded in the profession of model because I was nice, but because I loved the photography. When I come to a photo-shooting, I don't simply get myself photographed. I watch what I have to do, I try to understand, I put some questions on what's going on, it's what I like. The glance, the real glance. Like that, of the camera. After all, The less make-up I put on myself, the less they put me artificial and the more glad I feel. I have more the impression of being myself. The more it's live, the happier I am, because I feel free. I am for the imperfection. Which will make the perfection of the role. In the film of Leconte, Marion puts on black crayon around the eyes. I wanted that, because it's a real thing, it's the role that wants that. Marion puts on black crayon in order to hide something, her despair. That girl is unhappy. 

MC: How do you approach a film-shooting, always as intimidated actress? 
LC: Of course, and I hope I'll always be that. But to say the truth, I rushed without listening in the beginning due to my mind of a Taurus, I didn't listen a lot. I had such a need to affirm myself, to let myself go. They finally left me the liberty, I was leaving immediately without always hearing what they were saying to me. I hear more now. When I have finished a scene, I look at the director and wait to learn whether he's satisfied. 

MC: Do you need that complicity with the directors? 
LC: Yes. I have realized that choosing me for a role, they take one with a big bullet! It's hard the prejudices! (She's mimicking more: Laetitia Casta, make movies...that role, you must not be feeling well!). And then, a role is worked. For "Rue des Plaisirs", I've read some books about the life of the post-war prostitutes, the life of the brothels, their arrival on the pavement after their closing. But that was only a source of inspiration. Because the universe created by Leconte wants itself away from reality. That smells the powder, the lace and the perfume of the "girls of joy". 

MC: You say: "Liberty at last!". Do you feel manipulated as a top model? 
LC: No. I'm not ashamed of what I've done. But there was a moment where I said to myself: in order for all this to be positive, in order for all that I've learned to remain of good energy, I ought to evolve. What good does it do for one to do things they know, control and master? I simply had a need to go further. We all change between 15 and 23.When I started, I was 15 and a lot of innocence. And then, at the end of a moment, I've understood that was in danger of becoming a female object of commercial use. Someone that they press like a lemon and then throw it away in the bin. I woke up. 

MC: Have you felt a female object? 
LC: No, never. For me, photographing is creation. But while discussing at the mood of the meetings, I've taken a negative feedback. I thought: Is it as innocent as this from the part of those who were photographing me and those who were making me less or more sensual, sexy? I wanted greater depth than that. So, little by little, I thought: I love that light, I love working with such person, I really want to make that photograph, I really want to go towards there... 

MC: That's what we call maturity... 
LC: Yes. But I really feel that the moment when I'll be feeling the developed the most, is not due for right now. Entering the cinematic world I thought: I'm going to be able to express myself. But there are many things in the game, people, money and I've realized that it's not me who could control all things, that a film would never be 100% what I had imagined into my mind. I haven't got yet the feeling of being where I'd like to be. I know that I still haven't got what I would like. 

MC: What is exactly that you would like to get? 
LC: I know what it is-I have understood it some time ago-,but I also know that I'm not mature yet for it. I prefer not to talk about it. Towards 40,I'll be ready. 

MC: One would say that you have a vindication to take... 
LC: My childhood, was like a cartoon. I was living with a big bubble around myself. Right when I wasn't feeling nice, I was closing myself into it. It was very difficult to get out of it. The photographs have really helped me. But I return to it from time to time. I was a bad pupil. I made an effort when my parents had explained to me that I would be able to do the photography's on Wednesdays and week-ends, provided that I was bringing good notes. I bent my head over that, I had the encouragements. But otherwise, I wouldn't open my books at all. 

MC: You didn't love school? 
LC: NO. For me, school is too well arranged. It wants to make of you a little being within the norms; and I'm all out of that. I had my bubble, I wanted to do something different. But I didn't think that I was capable of it. I always believed that I'm stupid-it's a word that has often come again into my ears...When people were coming in the house, I was hiding myself under the table so as not to greet them. I was ashamed. I was ten years old. I was to too shy. I didn't have many friends. Yes, one friend. In fact, I was very lonely. I also had a difficult short passage, about which I have never really talked. I had a kind of anorexia. 

MC: You anorexic, even though your arrival signed the end of the starving models? 
LC: I wasn't 15 yet. It's the moment when we discover our body and we're not comfortable with it. During a good month, I dropped down to 45 kilograms, I was eating a slice of lettuce. It was not so as to become a model. In my class, they had made me an initially common remark, but which took giant proportions, go find why. They had told me that I had big butts, although I was entirely normal. I wasn't comfortable at all with my body, it was as if my face wasn't fitting with the rest. I took some forms and suddenly, my body wasn't going with my age, Fortunately, this profession has helped me a lot. I've learnt to be comfortable and not to be ashamed any more...It's because of this that I've always said I liked the ladies of the street, those who have some forms. The society and the magazines can do you such bad when you're not confident of yourself. 

MC: So the young girl, becoming queen of beauty, isn't always sure of herself... 
LC: One day, there was on the TV a show about the "Blue Bicycle" mini series. On a mini-poll, a guy said about me: "She's too beautiful to be true". That hurt me. There are dark sides within myself. I'm not a pink candy. I'm a human being like all the world, having some difficult moments. I have the impression that sometimes everybody's angry at me ,as if all that I have was easy. Almost as if I had to find excuses for myself. 

MC: Still the maternity is pink, isn't it? 
LC: That changes your life, from the inside. There is an element of capsizing within yourself, something magnificent. You know where the most important is, you lose less time. She's called Sahteene. 

MC: How do you plan to conduct your life from now on? 
LC: The most normal way possible. I'm a nomad, yet my base is in New York. I never speak about my private life. Whenever one asks me a question about that, I give him an angry talk. For my daughter, I have asked politely that people respected her private life. The fact that they annoy me, that goes with my profession, but her, she has asked for nothing. After all, I'm not going to provoke any photographers on any jet-set evenings. Sometimes, they tell me that I'm too savage, but I could never go and demonstrate myself in a rotating box in order to sell my film better, I would be feeling bad. I cannot find myself again in a table where I don't feel well. I want to live normally, without any spending craze, without alcohol or drugs. My drunkenness', I find it into my profession. 

MC: But this, Doesn't make you afraid of getting old? 
LC: I'm in a hurry. Ah, great, a wrinkle! I have the impression that the older I get, the more I get to be myself. I imagine myself in Scotland, with a high grass, with three, four kids around the table, and myself in the process of serving the meal. Now I take advantage of it, I do no bad of photographs. When I was filmed in "Les Ames Fortes", I saw myself old, that made me thought of one of my aunts who's living on the Corsican mountain. She has such rosy cheeks...Me, I have aspiration to live until 90 and to have many beautiful stories to tell. 

Translated by Goldfinger at the Zouzou forum!


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