Bert Nijssen, Netherlands. Guldner A2K 1959.
  How many people can ride on an AK Big and nice pictures of a wonderful A2K from 1959  

This nice A2K from 1959 belongs to Bert Nijssen from Netherlands. Bert says: "This is my A2K, build in 1959, which I bought in 2005 in Germany and took it to the Netherlands. It is in quite good condition, although not completely original, but that's not my goal, it would be way to expensive. If someone has a spare exhaust which is just laying around, please contact me (Email). I mainly use it for driving my kids around and maybe sometime I'll get an old-timer caravan and take it for meetings or camping. Meanwhile I like to use my tools now and then to improve some of the things that may be better."

You can contact Bert at this email address: Email And visit his motorbike site here:

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