MASSEY-FERGUSON 30-15 Lawn Tractor

  This is my Massey Ferguson 30-15 Lawn tractor, i brought it very cheap from a housing cooperative in Haugesund. The engine was turning but that was also all. But is an simple machine so after a few hours it running.  
  I don't know witch year it was made, but it probably from the mid 1990, making it one of my newest tractors. This have been done:  fixing the plastic parts with fibre glass, new petrol pump, new oil & filter, new hydraulic oil on the gearbox and some paint here and there. Its a two cylinder 15 hp engine with 4 wheel steering and hydraulics gearbox, very easy and nice to drive. And it cuts the grass much nicer then my almost new MTD lawn tractor.

BUT recently (autumn 2007) the gearbox broke down. It will run aright untill the hydraulics oil is warm and then stopping  have to overhaul it. So time will show if it will run again.....

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