90 cc Bikes            
  In the early 1970's and late 60's Kawasaki had several 90ccm bikes for sale. Both street versions and off-road versions. All of them was built around a 1 cylinder rotary-valve 2-stroke engine. Almost all of then had an automatic oil injection system which eliminated the need to mix oil with petrol. This was called Superlube. The bikes with 4 speed gearbox (GA1) had a rotary shift type, with toe-heel pedal,. To shift to a higher gear, use front of pedal, low gear, rear of pedal. Neutral between low and top gear. N,1,2,3,4,N. The 5 speed gear box on the rest of the models is a return change type with (like today's bikes except neutral) Neutral at bottom, then 1,2,3,4 and 5.  
  Engine details    
  GA1, 90S
The original model of the GA series.  The GA1 was an replacement from the earlier G1 series. It has double cradle frame
and De Carbon (Sealed-in nitrogen) type rear shocks.
Made from 1969-1970
Colour: Black 10.5 HP @8,000 rpm, and 4 gears.
  GA2, 90SS
Modified version of the GA1, with five gears, different colouring and chain case. Made from 1968 (9)-1970.
For 1970 the colour was Candy Blue. Output was  10.5 HP @8,000 rpm.

  G3SS, 90SS
The G3SS was solely meant for street. The 90cc rotary valve engine produced 10 horsepower at 7500 rpm and featured a rotary 5-speed gearbox with disc valve induction and stainless steel fenders. Colours: Pastel Blue, Candy Blue.

  G3TR Bush Master
The bike at left belongs to:
Gordon Roberts
Eddie Lawson  had one in 1970.
It my look like a 1969 model....
picture at right
The G3TR is the trail version of the G3 with knobby tires, and upswept exhaust pipe, different colouring. Also called Bush Master.  Colour Pastel Orange. Round tank design from 1969 to 1970. 10.0 HP @7.500 rpm. And 5 gears.
The 1969 and 1970 bikes look much alike, but one easy way to tell the difference is the fuel tank decals. In the upper picture is a 1969, the lower blue one is a 1970's Right: some nice 90SS advertisings', well I am not sure its a 1970's model.
Source: Kawasaki Garage
  <   Specifications all 90ccm bikes   S= Sport (GA1) , SS = Super Sport (GA2), SSS = Super Street Scrambler (GA3)      


  100 ccm Bikes                
  G4TR Trail Boss                
  The 100 cc G4TR was a new model in 1970. It's a stronger more capable bike then previous 90 cc bikes you could by back then. And with a 5 speed gearbox with high and low gearing you could always get the right gearing for street or the woods. The slim and good-looking Kawasaki got the name Trail Boss.
 You could have it red, more precise: Candy tone Red. Power was 11,5 hp @8000 rpm. 10 gears, 5-speed, constant mesh, return shift with 2-speed sub transmission, quick change by lever on sub transmission cover. The G4TR stayed with Kawasaki for many years, and become the Agi Bike from 1974.
  Read what Cycle thought bout the Trail Boss in 1970 The Motorbike Archives  
   G31-M Centurion                
  New bike for 1970. The  G31-M Centurion was a real MX bike made to be the fastest bike in its class around any track. It was produced from 1970 to 1971. The engine was similar to the G4TR, had an ordinary 5 speed gearbox, no automatic oil injection system but power was a lot higher. 18.5 hp @ 10250 rpm made it the fastest 100ccm bike of its time. Front and rear fenders are made of polished aluminium. Hubs are alloy and rims are made of steel. Front forks are non adjustable but the rear dampers have spring preload adjustment. According to Cycle World the G31M was a quick powerful racer built to win.
  The colour: Lime Green, and around 1400 G31's where made.
MB1A Coyote
The Coyote was a real mini bike.  It started life as a 50ccm 2 stroke in 1969. But the small engine wasn't the best so it was for 1970 replaced with a 134ccm four stroke Bridges and Stratton copy.
You can read more about it at Mini Doodle.
Power output was 3.5hp, and it was built from 1969 to 1971 It had a recoil starter, one gear and centrifugal clutch.

Probably not the bike that put Kawasaki on the map.

  This Particular G31 belonged to Steve McQueen. This bike was one of 6 bikes he got for the movie Le Mans. After filming Steve painted it orange and named it Ringadingdoo.

Want to know more?


  175, 250 & 350 Off-road bikes    
F3 Bushwhacker

The 175 ccm F3 was introduced in 1968. It had an electric start, rotary valve 2 stroke engine, four speed and power was 20hp at 7300 rpm. The bike had dual rear sprockets, one for road and one for trail riding. It replaced the older F2TR It was only in production until 1970. It was named the Bushwhacker. Colour was Alumitone Silver every year.

F4 Sidewinder

(only F21M)
The F4 Sidewinder a 250 similar to the F3 but more off-road oriented with quick-detachable lights and off-road tires. Engine displacement was 238ccm and power was 23 hp at 7500rpm.
The F4 had a more powerful sister, the F21M. This was the motocross version of the F4. Power was 30hp at 7000 rpm. For 1970 front wheel was down from 21 in to 19 in with an 18 in rear wheel. One colour was Lime Green. Both bikes was only produced from 1968 to 1970.
250 F4 Sidewinder     250 F21M 

  350 F5 Big Horn

A new model for 1970. The new 350 F5 Big Horn was based on the 250 Sidewinder (F4) but the F5 was a much more capable machine. The engine had 33 hp at 6500 rpm and a 5 speed gearbox. One big new feature was the new Hatta front forks. The forks offered three adjustable axel positions and it was possible to raised or lower them around 100mm. And there was a three way spring preload adjuster. This bike really had advanced suspension in 1970. You could also adjust both foot pegs and brake levers. The gear selector could be used on both left or right side sins the gear selector shaft protrudes from both sides of the engine case.

Wheels were made of alloy and the tires had trail pattern. It was a good looking bike! The F5 was produced from 1970 to 71 and was replace by the 350 F9 in 1972. It was the father of a whole family of new Kawasaki off-road bikes following the next year.
      Three pictures above: Picture source.    


  Four stroke W1 W-650    
and W2SS

More information
about all the W bikes here:
W1 to W3
  The biggest Kawasaki in 1970 and the only four stroke. It had its roots in a 1950's BSA but still going strong.
Based on the W1 from 1966 the W2SS was the export model. It had twin carburettors separated instruments and 53 hp.
Gas tank was painted, not chromed on the export model.  And it was called Commander.
The W1SS was the successor to the original W1 but had twin carburettors like the W2SS. The engine produced 50 hp,  3 down compared to the W2, but performance was similar.
The W1S was a W2SS with Japanese specifications. Dry weight was up from 181 to 199kg.



  Performance 250 to 500    
  H1 Mach III
500 SS

      Pictures below by: Chris Hudson

The 500 H1 only new colours for 1970 but still the fastest and most thrilling bike you could  buy. Two stroke 60 hp and 174 kilos. Already a legend and a sought after collectors bike today. It was called 500 SS in Japan.


There were where also a H1 racer the H1R. Strong and fast with its 80hp. The H1R on this pictures  belonged to and was raced by a young Texan called Rusty Bradly. You can read his story on Superbike Planet here: Rusty Bradly

  350 A7

Model name A7A /A7SSA

  Much like its 100ccm smaller sister the A1 and A1SS.  The 350 A7A and A7SSA had a more advanced lubrication system, called Injectolube. The clutch was stronger and better alternator. 
Like the 250, the 350 had a major update in 1969. For 1970 they went from "teardrop" shaped petrol tank  to a more rectangular shape. The colours was new. New seat shape and a shorter rear mudguard.  Bothe the A7 and A7SS got an extra "A" keep this form earlier models. The difference  between the A7A and A7SSA is the SS upsweep exhaust system, the SS have higher handlebars, lower gearing, skid plate and upgraded suspension. The A7A and A7SSA was called Avenger and it was a very fast bike for its time.
    Read more about the A1 to A7
at this excellent site:

(a lot of interesting bikes here)
  250 A1

Model name A1A / A1SSA

  Both the 250ccm  A1 and its sister the A1SS  had a major update last year and for 1970 there are some significant changes. There is a new more rectangular petrol tank, new paint job. the seat is new and the rear mudguard is shorter. Head gasket is changed to copper only type, previous models had  an asbest-copper type. The difference  between the A1 and A1SS is the SS upsweep exhaust system, the SS have higher handlebars, lower gearing, skid plate and upgraded suspension. The A1 and A1SS was called Samurai.  


  The rest, bikes for sale in Japan and probably some other places        
  The bikes above where all sold worldwide more or less. If you lived in Japan at that time, then there was some interesting machines to choose between. Everything from all bikes witch was new in the early 60-2 to bikes not yet on the American market. Full line up in the ads at left, and a short introduction of the bikes below.  
  Pictures above: Picture source.      
  The GA3 or 90SSS. Actually a Bush- Master with regular tires, different paint and a SSS label on the side panel.
  The 90-TR was the Japanese version of the G4TR (above) Capacity was 89ccm and power was 10.5 hp. Unlike its bigger brother the G4 it had only 5 gears.
        Picture source.  
  90 G1L was actually new in 1970. It replace the older J1. The engine was the forerunner to the GA bikes. It produced 8.2hp at 6500 rpm. The bike was in production from 1970 to 1972
90 and 90 SS "new style" Specifications are the same as the 90 S and 90 SS above. But hey have the looks of the 1971 bikes. Probably an early released at home marked.
  125 B1. A replacement for the 1963 B8 the first Kawasaki. The 125 ccm bike had rotary valve inlet. 12 hp, 4 gears. Produced in  many different versions from 1965 to 1976. But that was only a name change it lived on to 1980 as the KC125. (last picture this row)
250 TR The F5 Bighorns smaller brother called Bison and introduced worldwide in 1971 as the F8 Bison. 24.5 hp at 6800 rpm.
  120 C2SS Roadrunner  115 ccm and 11.5hp. On sale from 1967 until ?? The bikes here my not be 1970 models.
  250 SG Based on a Meguro S8 motorcycle from the early 60's Kawasaki brought Meguro and sold this as a Kawasaki from 1964 to 1970. 1 cylinder 4 stroke 18 hp at 7000 rpm.  4 gears (N,1,2,3,4,N, and 1,2 ....)
Read more here: Classic Motorcycle Mechanics Magazine
  125 TR Sold in Japan as the TR or Bobcat. In the rest of the world as the F6 from 1971. 15 hp at 7000 rpm, 5 gears and the looks of the F5 Bighorn. But no Hatta fork here.
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