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Interview in French TV 10.02.2002,  A real model of the top

This is: THE...GOLDFISH TRANSLATION  translated from French by GOLDFINGER


Since the blue Bicycle which revealed the actress, Laetitia Casta imposes with glare, in studio or on large screen, her double career. Ambassadress in particular of L'Oréal, effigy of the Galleries Lafayette, this young mom who knew to sing so well with Catherine Deneuve for Yves Saint Laurent, has made a new main role for last film of Patrice Leconte, Rue of the Pleasures , and overflows of projects. With when a great return to television?

TV MAG: -You sacrificed your blonde hair for a short and dark brown haircut. Hasn't that annoyed you at all?
Laetitia Casta: No, it was logical. My role is a girl hard and modern. We searched with Patrice Leconte among the photos of the era. There was this poster of Ginette Leclerc...I had to cut my hair...But I don't get fussy about it, That did them good and it will grow back even stronger!

TV MAG:  -A film which is taking place in the same era with the "Blue Bicycle", but in which you play a prostitute...
Laetitia Casta:  It's purely random. What counts for me, is getting to different roles; going to different worlds. After "Street of Pleasures", I feel grown up. It's a great gift. I don't consider myself as someone who comes from a cinematic family. When I like a project, I get deeper into it. It's necessary for it to have an ability to start things within me; necessary to make me feel capable of doing it.

TV MAG: -What did you like into this one?
Laetitia Casta:  That the heroine, despite all that she lived and endured, continues to believe in great love.

TV MAG: -Raoul Rouiz & Patrice Leconte have directed you in the movies. Could you return to the TV?
Laetitia Casta:  Yes, why not? I'm not going to snob it. I started from there and I'm grateful to it. Why should I not care out of the blue about a medium which helped me? It wouldn't be good; it wouldn't be honest.

TV MAG: -Are there any projects that you're refusing?
Laetitia Casta: Lots of them. If I don't feel comfortable with the role. If I don't believe myself capable of it. I'm not a workaholic. I don't fear that everything would stop, even if I wouldn't have to shoot a film anymore for 3 or 4 years.

TV MAG: -And exactly, do you have any projects for the time being?
Laetitia Casta: There very important different things under negotiation. I hope that it will all be done. I'm very excited from before it finally happens. But as nothing is signed yet...

TV MAG: -To know well the image, to know how to move, doesn't this remove the trace in the movies?
Laetitia Casta: This helps. Generally, on the first take, I have no fear. On the contrary, on the second one, I realize a danger! But this realization is a menace which does so much good! My greatest track? When Catherine Deneuve & I sang "My greatest love story is you" for Yves Saint Laurent. I have to say that neither him nor Pierre Berge were notified of that. We didn't know whether he would appreciate the surprise. It's like a letter, a gift that we had secretly prepared. Moreover, due to the music of the show, I couldn't bring the words in my head...We were moved so much...

TV MAG: -Exactly, in "Street of Pleasures" you sing equally much...
Laetitia Casta: You know, I sing the same way I speak. It's not perfect. That one has made me passionate to do it because I sang at the same time with the sixty musicians. I wanted to find myself again into the theme of the era. Patrice Leconte was enthusiastic. I was telling myself as long as this passes well...Finally, there is more emotion rather than perfection. It's what we wanted. For myself that I don't come from a musical environment, I found that magical.

TV MAG: -Does that give you the aspiration of singing even more?
Laetitia Casta: If it were to do something experimental and artistic. An original thing which would never have been done before, of course. But to sing so as to put a disc in circulation and become a product, no thanks.

TV MAG: -You always share your life between Paris and New York?
Laetitia Casta: I'm a nomad. I like moving. I adore New York. One feels free there. One walks a lot and can dress in fluorescent orange, nobody turns their eyes on you. But if my filming projects become specific, I'll come back again to settle down in Paris. On the side of New York, there's the calmness. Almost like the country!

TV MAG: -Between the film of Raul Ruiz and that of Patrice Leconte you became a mother. What changed into your life?
Laetitia Casta: Everything; for life itself! It's corny to say so, but it's simply the most beautiful thing that exists in the world. One matures, gets more confidence in oneself. The priorities are different. But there's nothing really special to say. I'm simply feeling like millions of anonymous women who brought their child in the world.

TV MAG: -Bearing a child at 23 in the middle of the full blowing of your career, that could very well put obstacles in it...
Laetitia Casta: But I'm neither career woman, nor an opportunist. I don't want to sacrifice myself for this profession. I prefer living the things deeply. Happiness is THE important thing.

TV MAG: -And are YOU happy?
Laetitia Casta: There are moments, yes, and others where it's not that good. I'm a woman like the rest of the people! But I have no reason not to be for the time being. I find that life is really not bad at all!

TV MAG: -What can disappoint you then?
Laetitia Casta: Sometimes I give a lot and the result is not up to my expectations. But that doesn't bring my enthusiasm down. I'm constantly searching for the development. I hope I'll still be like that when I'm 90.

TV MAG: -You certainly have the time...
Laetitia Casta: I have so many things to do. Every day, I'm having new aspirations. I'm discovering the volume of all that I have yet to know. To go at the theater, watch all the works of Tryffaut and Duviver, to retrieve old books, to travel. To meet new people, learn new words. It's necessary for me to live too long so as to do it all.

TV MAG: -Today, do you feel more an actress or a model?
Laetitia Casta: There isn't one profession to take it all. It's all woven together. It's a question of harmony and of taking risks as well. When we know things by heart, routine is preying us; but making the advertise campaign of Galleries Lafayette with Jean Paul Goude, it's truly a hilarious adventure.

Bon app`etit.LES DOIGTS D'OR. (remark by GOLDFINGER)

Remarks collected by Elisabeth Perrin


Six Questions at...   T-online .01.26.2002
Top-Model Laetitia Casta

Top-Model Laetitia Casta

In her first interview since the birth of her daughter Sahteene, Laetitia Casta is telling from the beginning of her career, and about her further plans. At 15 she was discovered by Madison. With Laetitia  again discovered femaleness conquered the titles of the fashion journals. The French girl  makes also a good figure as an actress. Now she took over her most important role: Since September 19, Laetitia has become a devoted mum.

 How did your model career start? 

Laetitia Casta: " I was at the beach in Corsica, as an agent of Madison  suggested making some photos. First I could not believe it and then... a dream just came through! "

Many girls dream about becoming a model. What in this occupation do you find fascinating ?

Laetitia Casta: " Everything! That is correct, because one has otherwise rarely the luck to become acquainted with each day, so many new people spoil themselves with to much make up and hairdressing.. Surely the castings at the start is very hard, but not compared to the fun, which one has thereby. "

 How do you keep yourself fit?

Laetitia Casta: " I drink much water - particularly on board a plane. I eat balanced. I love swimming, and  try to walk a lot."

Which occupation would you have selected, if you had not become model?

 Laetitia Casta: "Perhaps a basic school teacher or a housewife. I love children! My daughter is the most beautiful gift I've got within the 23 years of my life."

A career in the fashion business is often limited to a few years. How do your plans look further from now?

Laetitia Casta: " For the moment I concern about my daughter, and then I'll just see what happens.

They present the collections of the Top designers.  And which are your  private choice?

Laetitia Casta: " I feel best in soft and natural materials such as cotton and silk. I wear collections from all designers. They all have outstanding cuts and extremely pleasant materials."

Questions by: Tanja Zech


Read the original text in German on: T-online  T-Online Startseite

La Bicyclette Bleue. 

Interview in French TV 2 

After the release of "The Blue Bicycle"

This is: Another...GOLDFISH TRANSLATION  translated from French by GOLDFINGER


When were you proposed to incarnate the mythical Lea?

Very young. I was 16. "The Blue Bicycle" was a project destined for the cinema and Claude Pinoteau, then in charge of the production, had thought of me. But I had just started posing for photographs and I was full of doubt. I wasn't taking seriously that kind of propositions.

You accept later, when it became a film for television. A deliberate choice?

In a way, yes. I had the aspiration to play, but not to do cinema at any price. And for a first big role, I was considering humbler to start with television. I find it wonderful to be able to enter peoples' homes like that. 

A choice which didn't work without new responsibilities...

Absolutely. From a professional point of view first of all, since I wasn't an actress and despite my motivation, I had everything to prove. And then I was capturing the others' glance. Lets not forget that I hover around an image of a model, with all this like the superficial and that is hard to go against certain clichés. It's like an everyday work which demands a lot of energy. Nevertheless, the aspiration to prove what I was capable of, won over my fears.

To incarnate Lea, it wasn't an easy task, she's a tenacious heroine into the imagination of the readers of Régine Deforges...

Exactly, but at the time when I was filming BB, I was feeling very close to her. We had the same age, the same sense of responsibilities and of family, a little male side missed as well. I add that I hadn't read the novels on purpose, for fear of constantly feeling myself on the side of the coverage; I chose to trust myself.

When the story begins, Lea ignores all the political situation in Europe...

She doesn't know who De Gaulle is. Neither she knows that the Jews are deported. If that ignorance upset me in the beginning, I understood quickly that I was having a historical feedback of which she obviously couldn't take profit. Her course is like the picture of France at that era: a slow waking, a realization of the atrocities of that war.

You yourself are still very young. Do you have the impression of having grown with the film?

I have above all the strange feeling of having lived that war. But I have also learned a lot regarding the occupation, the collaboration and mostly about the resistance. Therefore, yes, we can say that Lea has helped me mature. 

In what way have you worked this first big role? 

I took great care of learning before everything else the text of my partners so that I could have even more freedom into my emotions. Living first of all the situations, I was giving  privileges to spontaneity ...That one ended up with numerous discussions with Thierry Binisti; it was happening that should we not agree with each other, each one was explaining their own point of view and we were finishing by finding a field of good communication.

To give the answer to great actors like Jean-Claude Brialy or Stephane Audran, has it impressed you?

The one and the other alike are of rare elegance, they would make anybody feel at ease. Jean-Claude Brialy  is almost an old acquaintance; some years ago, he came spontaneously to talk to me at the Cannes Festival, although I wasn't but a debuting model. I had appreciated his great gentleness and filming together has reinforced the friendship that we had already been having. Other than that, I owe Stephane Audran many crazy laughs; she's so fine that I was watching her play with great pleasure, I was in front of the show.

Your scenes with Silvia de Santis and Nathalie Boutefeu (Lea's sister) form places of very interesting exchanges...

I have a lot of admiration for Silvia; the only Italian on a French stage, she has shown a real patience and a real talent. Nathalie Boutefeu might as well have been my sister in real life; we've had immediately an unbelievable proximity, a sort of recognition. I was loving to play with her, she has such a presence! Even when she doesn't do anything else but passing in a sequence, we see her, she's imposing herself with a disarming neutrality.

And what about your male partners?

All three of them have an unbelievable charisma, each one on a different record: Georges Corraface gives to Francois all the strength of experience and intelligence, Virgile Bayle establishes a Laurent seductive and fragile and Jauris Casanova, an extraordinary actor, has known how to move around all the difficulties that the role of Mathias presented.

Which are your projects?

After The Blue Bicycle, I've filmed "Gitano" in Spain, the first scenario from a great author: Arturo Perez -Reverte. In it, I incarnate a fascinating girl which has a character as free as Lea's but otherwise less well intentioned! And then I'm waiting impatiently for October. I'll start under the direction of Raoul Ruiz, the filming of Les Âmes fortes, from the novel of Giono. I'll be having for partners there Frédéric Diefenthal, Arielle Dombasleand and  Jean-François Balmer. The adventure promises to be passionate!


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