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 added 21.11.2003

Tons of links to different Laetitia Casta sites around the world in this excellent Dutch link portal. Links

Bisonokse's new weblog. Started in January 2002. A place to find all the new stuff about Laetitia and all the "rare" pictures of the lady from France. A great place to visit!! A lot of interesting stuff.

Adélaïde's  site, at the moment the newest one. And a really great site, with lot of pictures, many you probably haven't seen before! Pictures, a Flash site, best viewed full screen!

This is an amazing tribute to Laetitia Casta, have never found anything like it out there. Take your time to look at it. A lot of custom made pictures you want find anywhere else! Custom made pictures.
added 25.02.2007    



 Other Interesting sites!

A great site about fashion and models.

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