Video clips related to Corsica.

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  Laetitia in Corsica          

Laetitia arrives in Lumio in a plan, (she's the pilot) And you gets a brief introduction to Lumio (in French) Nice film.

6.4 Mb Good Mpeg By Pippo  

This is a great movie (small format) Laetitia takes shows you Corsica. Comments be her father. I wish I could speak French.

8.3 Mb Good Mpeg By Pippo  

Laetitia shows you the nature of the Corsican mountain river, and who to use them....

6.7 Mb Good Mpeg By Pippo  

A music video by Sting and I Muvrini, and Laetitia in a dreaming role...Terredoru is the name. Great!

4.3 Mb Good Mpeg By Pippo  

I Muvrini relaxing at a tree singing with Laetitia.

3.7 Mb Ok Mpeg By Pippo  


Laetitia walking around on the marked somewhere in Corsica, talking and at the end a beautiful sunset...

3.4 Mb Could be better.. Mpeg By Pippo  


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