Video clips made by Pippo (Zouzou.Org).

A lot of the videos I have on my site were ones downloaded from Pippo's site Zouzou.Org At the moment I am sorry to say that his site is down. But happily he let me show some of his videos here. Remark: this page only contains those of Pippo's videos that doesn't fit in under one of the other video sites int this video section. If you look under the Remark column  you will find that a LOT of the movies here are from Zouzou.Org.....THANKS!

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  By Pippo          

A tribute to Laetitia made by Pippo. Think it may be some years ago. In the video you will find a rather young Laetitia relaxing in an airplane, with music and comments by....Laetitia in French!

5.0 Mb Ok Mpeg By Pippo  

A Corsican dream by Filippo. Another great tribute made by Pippo. Starting with Laetitia and Marie-Ange, then a lot of rare shots with Laetitia having a lot of fun in front of the camera.....a must see!

10.7Mb Good Mpeg By Pippo  

Laetitia signing autographs from the back seat of a car. In Italy February 1999. And the one who took the shoots.....Pippo!!

5.7 Mb Ok Mpeg By Pippo  

Comic relief by Pippo:  A video where the interviewer asks Laetitia about LaetitiaCasta.Net and other questions we all want to ask her.....

2.6 Mb Ok Mpeg By Pippo  


  3.7 Mb Ok Mpeg By  


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