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As me, Kåre is from Ølen (big place on the west coast of Norway) And like me he moved away, but we always remember our origins....Ølen.

He is now living in Etne not far from Ølen and not far from where I live. His motorbike care started many years ago when he brought my old Suzuki GP100. The bike was nice when he brought it, and totally worn out when he was finish with it.  After the Suzuki he survived some years with four wheels. But as always it had to be two wheels again. This time a Honda CB350 four. Not actually a power bike, but for the size a tremendous sound from it's four pipes.

He had the Honda Four for some years, it's a small bike and Kåre is rather big so the Honda had to go. His new toy was a Suzuki GSX1100EF, 1984 model. Compared to the small Honda, a real bike. And the GSX1100 showed up to be a well mad bike, a lot stronger than an ordinary family, he knows cause he has crashed into some. The car and Kåre's ass took the energy of the crash. The bike & pilot survived, the car had  a long time at the workshop.

After the Suzuki, he brought a Honda again.  This time an CBR1100XX 1997 model. I feared that  the CBR1100XX was faster then my bike so I tried a long time to get him to by a  Kawasaki ZZR1100 like mine, but no. (the two bikes was exactly similar in acceleration and speed) the Honda XX was a very good bike as long as it lasted. One fine day he meet another family car. This time a solid one. The result, Kåre learned to walk on crutches, and the Honda was history......Actually he crashed his bike on his way to take photos of it. Photos for  advertising the bike for sale!

Let me guess, his next bike will be a Suzuki, probably something like a GSX1300R, they are very solid made, a lot stronger than many family cars.....

Kåre's first bike a Suzuki GP100 (1980 model) in the front of the picture. The young man on the GP100 is another friend Johannes Langhelle. Kåre tries the saddle of my former Z1000J. The Suzuki GSX1100EF with Elisabeth trying it out.
After the GP100 it was time for some more. Compared to a lawn mower it's fast. The sound would make a 1000ccm motorbike proud.  The bike on the picture isn't Kåre's but it looked just like this one. Many years ago Kåre decided that it should be Suzuki or Honda. So he brought another Honda. CBR1100XX, 1997 model. 

A very good bike, the major faulty is to stay on two wheels in hard baking. As Kåre found out baking this bike into a VW. Definitely not as strong as a Suzuki GSX

After the not so fast CB350four he brought this bike. A rather strong, vibrating an well mad bike. Very useful to take hard on cars with.



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