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If you want your site listed here, send me an e-mail. This section are for Guldner tractors and other Guldner products..

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Markus Weber  from Switzerland have a really good site with pictures and information of his Guldner AK14, lots of pictures of his nice Guldner AK. Take a look!!


AK14, and more.

A good technical forum for Guldner & Fahr tractors. In German but well worth a closer look.

Really good site, they have a Guldner Spessart, and a G30. And a lot of other interesting old tractors. Take a look. All!

Jonathan Leonard Guldner site.  He have a A-series Guldner and have made a website with pictures, forum and much more. Its a copy of my site, so I must say its great :) All!     



G.J. Lamberts Guldner site. He have restored a ADN. You have to take a look, its just like when it left the factory, or better. Lots of good quality pictures of the tractor and from the restoration work. ADN





TRACTORWELT:  Great, German Guldner site also containing lots of information about other tractors. The Guldner you will find here are ALD and Hydrocar. And there is a lot of other interesting information, like tractor colours etc ALD, Hydrocar etc



Another great German Guldner site, this time the AK model. The owner Andi have restored a AK model, and you can see pictures from his work. AK



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