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This section contains various files found on internet. Files like: Kawasaki Model Information, Kawasaki Sales Guides, Kawasaki sales Brochures, Kawasaki Accessories Brochures. There will also bee some Kawasaki Service Manuals, Kawasaki Parts List, Rider Handbooks etc. If you have a file or something you think should bee online here, please send me an email. If I have used Your file here, please let me know.



Rider Handbok GA2




Service Manuals Kawasaki bikes              
Service manual KZ650 H1, F2 and D4 1981.

Many thanks to Santiago for this file. PDF format.  20mb

  Service manual KV-75

Borrowed from: 
  Service manual GPZ900R 1984 -1990

PDF format.  24mb

Service manual Z1000 A1-A2 2003-20004

 PDF format.  11mb



Part list KZ and Z bikes
Parts list KZ650CSR H1 - H3
PDF format ca 5 Mb
Parts list KZ650SR D1 - D2
PDF format ca 5Mb

Parts list KZ650 F1 1980

This PDF file is borrowed from Nick Appleby's excellent KZ650 site.

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