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BN125-A5, VN250-B1, El252, EN500-C5, VN750-A16, VN800-A6, VN800-B5, VN1500-N1, VN1500-E3, VN1500 2000-L1, VN1500-G2A, VN800-C2, VN1500-J2, VN400-D2

  Eliminator 125 or BN125 , Model name BN125-A5  

Perfect for the beginning rider who wants an easy-to-operate motorcycle with a low seat height, the Eliminator 125 is also inexpensive to buy and maintain. It is powered by an air-cooled, 125cc, four-stroke, single-cylinder engine specially tuned for low- and mid-range torque, making it perfect for around-town riding. The electric starter makes getting under way easy and a convenient five-speed transmission allows the rider to use the engine's full potential.



BN175 Eliminator. In some Asian countries, there is a beefed up version of the eliminator, a whole 50cc more, called the 175 Eliminator.


VN250 Eliminator (Model name  VN250-B1) and EL252 Eliminator


The VN250V and EL252 Eliminator's was Kawasaki's entry level, learner legal street rods in the year 2000. With all the looks and size of the bigger boys, it's hard to believe that it is only a 250.  The VN250 have a V-2 engine and the EL252 is a inline twin. The EL252 have been around for years. The VN250 got an all black engine for 2000.

Sorry for the low quality pictures, but good ones are hard to find.    
  < VN250 , EL252 > Galaxy Silver Candy  Sungod Orange / Ebony     El252 El252  

EN500 Vulcan Model name EN500-C5


The EN500 is the same bike as last year, actually not much have been changed sins the introduction in 1996.  Only the color is new, and why change a great bike. Powered with an well known engine from the GPZ500 (Ninja 500) and designed like its bigger Vulcan brothers. A good bike for the beginner and for the experienced  rider.


VN750Vulcan Model name VN750-A16


The Vulcan 750, this bike was big news in 1985 and now 15 years later its still around. Powered by a liquid-cooled, double-overhead-cam 749cc V-twin. Hydraulic valve lash adjusters automatically keep the eight-valve cylinders at optimum adjustment, eliminating unwanted valve noise. Liquid cooling increases overall engine durability. A low-maintenance shaft drive conveys power from the five-speed transmission to the beefy 15-inch rear wheel. Air-assisted rear shocks with four clicks of rebound damping adjustment offer a smooth and controlled ride, while dual front discs provide reliable stopping power. 




VN800Vulcan and VN800Vulcan Classic. Model name VN800A6, VN800B5

  VN800 and VN800 Custom. Two bikes with a lot in common. The VN800 have a big 19 inc. front wheel and a swept rear fender, the Classic have fat 16 inc tires all around and big fenders front and rear.  Bothe share the same frame, tank and engine. The powerhouse is a V2 a little over 805cc. Its liquid cooled, but looks air cooled.  Like many Kawasaki from this area its quite old, the VN800 appeared first in 1995 and the Custom nest year  
    VN800 VN800Custom  

VN1500Vulcan Classic. Model name VN1500 N1 (Fuel injection)  VN1500 E3


The VN1500 Classic continues this year, it was born in 1996 and have had some updates during it life. In the year 2000 you could have it in two versions, with or without Fuel Injection. The carbureted version use two Keihin CVK40carburetors and for 2000 the colors are new.

The Vulcan 1500 Fuel Injected (Nomad, Classic and Drifter) have dual 36 mm throttle bodies.  There are new pistons with higher compression (up from 8.6:1 to 9.0:1), power is increased with 2hp. Some minor changes have been done to the engine to improve noise level. Other changes are a change from a cable-driven speedometer to an electric unit. By eliminating the deep housing the speedometer needed and the cable that passed through the bottom of the tank, Kawasaki found enough room for almost an extra gallon of fuel (from 4.2 gallons to 5.0 gallons) in the same space.  The new speedometer features a digital odometer, trip meter and clock, and the tank is now seamless, eliminating the unsightly external flanges.

Several updates were also made to the chassis.  The frame's main pipes have increased diameter (42.7mm up from 34mm), a larger diameter steering head with bigger bearings and new gussets offer more rigidity. The steering head was moved forward (35mm) and fork offset decreased for improved handling. Consistent with design enhancements of the 2000 Vulcan 1500 Nomad and Drifter motorcycles, the Classic Fi's floorboards have been repositioned to put the rider in a more upright and comfortable position. The rear brake pedal was also redesigned to make it easier to apply the brake that now has more power due to a new dual piston calliper. Other items adopted from the Nomad and Drifter are wide, five-way adjustable brake and clutch levers for added rider comfort and self-cancelling turn signals.  Other changes include an upgrade from a 12V-14Ah battery to a 12V-18Ah unit (while retaining the same physical size), a low-fuel warning light replaces the petcock and a new multi-pane headlight provides a brighter, more concentrated beam. A new, self-canceling turn-signal system is now used and the spokes have a special coating on them to make sure they stay shiny longer.

Left VN 1500 Classic.  
   Right and below VN1500 Classic FI  

VN1500Vulcan Nomad Model name VN1500 2000 L1 (Fuel injection)  VN1500 G2A


The VN1500 Nomad, based on the VN1500 Classic with additional touring equipment like windscreen and hard luggage. Like the Classic you can get the engine with or without electronic fuel injection. For 2000 the Nomad got the same updates as the Classic FI,  see above.

  Specifications all VN1500 models      



VN800 DRIFTER.     Model name: VN800C2


VN800 Drifter. It looks 50 years old already but was new on the Kawasaki lineup last year.  The 800 Drifter is based on the VN800 Custom but have a totally different style. While the Custom looks like a "Harly2 from today, the Drifter looks like a "Indian" motorbike from the early fifties. There are no updates on the Drifter from 1999, even one of the two color choice are the same:  Sky Blue and
Pearl Burnish Beige (same as 1999)


    Driver:  Marianne Wesson         Not original, but NICE  

VN1500 DRIFTER. Model name VN1500 J2


Like the 800 Drifter, the 1500 Drifter have the looks like an good old Indian Chief. But there all similarity stops. The 1500 Drifter have digital fuel injection, dual 36mm throttle bodies and a catalytic converter. Unlike the 800's uni-track rear suspension, the 1500 have dual conventional shocks.  No changes for 2000. Two colors to choose between:  Deep Turquoise Green or Pearl Burnish Beige


VN400 DRIFTER. Model name VN400 D2


The VN400 Drifter are like many other bikes with 400ccm are smaller copies of their bigger brothers,  made for the Japanese home market. The 400 Drifter, based on the VN800 Drifter.

  Road test 1500 Drifter, 2000 model            


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