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Not all news are good news, some news are not good at all, this is one of them...


The American photographer Herb Ritts who have worked together with Laetitia Casta for years died on the 26 of December 2002 in Los Angeles. Please visit this page dedicated to his work!  


02.12.2002 (updated 04.12.02)

Laetitia in a new miniseries, early 2003


Veteran Italian directors Paolo and Vittorio Taviani will start shooting early next year on two-part historical miniseries "Luisa Sanfelice," with Laetitia Casta in advanced negotiations to play the leading role. It's an Italian miniseries based on the 1865 Alexandre Dumas novel. The fictionalized love story based on real characters centers on an 18th century Naples aristocrat and her romance with a fellow rebel during a bid to overthrow the monarchy.


This is really good news, remember The Blue Bicycle and Lea. At right you can see what her fan's thinks about this news:

  Picture not associated with the article. Thanks to James for posting this at Zouzou forum Picture not associated with the article.  
  Read about Luisa Sanfelice? News sources: Media News (Italian) Variety.Com (English)  
        Yahoo News    

Laetitia Casta with new hair color and reopening the official site.


Laetitia was observed in Paris with a new hair color. I like it. She look's Norwegian!  Laetitia Casta's official site are reopening soon, don't know the day, but according to forum, next week. Let's wait and see.. Here is the link to the official site.  
  But it's not the first time she colored her hair light. This is a picture from 1997 London.




New pictures of Laetitia Casta & Sahteene

  There are some nice photos of Laetitia walking with Sahteene in Soho New York 3 august 2002. The problem is that the photos are copyrighted you have to pay to get the big ones :(  

This is the ones they publish in their site. 

  To look for your self:        

Laetitia Casta rejects comparisons with Brigitte Bardot



Hello Magazine 13 august 2002.

Most women might be flattered by comparisons to the young Brigitte Bardot, but French model Laetitia Casta – already something of a cultural icon in her own right – is determined to carve out her own path.

In 1999, Laetitia, whose beauty is often compared to that of the legendary French screen star, was – like Brigitte before her – chosen to pose as the model for Marianne, the symbol of the French Revolution.

But, says the 24-year-old, that is where the similarities end. “There is only one Brigitte Bardot,” she told Britain’s Mail On Sunday You magazine. “I am Laetitia and I do things differently.”

Laetitia has already proved that she is far more than just a pretty face. The model has amassed an estimated £2 million fortune, which has allowed her to give up the catwalk in order to be a full-time mother to her nine-month-old daughter Sahteene and to follow her acting dream. She has appeared in six films to date, including Asterix And Obelix Take On Caesar with Gerard Depardieu and Les Âmes Fortes opposite John Malkovich.

(Directly from Hello Magazine)


Take a look at Hello.Com


Laetitia Casta is back with Daniel Swarovski for their winter/autumn campaign 2002/2003


Laetitia Casta with Daniel Swarovski again!

Supermodel Laetitia Casta steps again before the camera. This time for Daniel Swarovski.  In the autumn/winter indicator campaign 2002/2003 she gives a picture of a superstar, which  is pursued by Paparazzi. Whether to a sail yacht deck,, on a rear seat of a sedan, or at the edge of a swimming pool.

The campaign is made by the agency Publicis Etoile in Paris. The Italian photographer Marino Parisotto Vay puts the beautiful lady on the "paper". The campaign is world-wide in woman magazines like "Vogue", "Elle", "Instyle" or "Madame". In Germany the announcements appear beyond titles like "Gala" and "Petra".

8. August 2002
Read the original article in German magazine Horizont.Net

Thanks to Stefan for this news at!


Click on the pictures to go to the Daniel Swarovski page.



Laetitia Casta at Rome's Haute Couture fashion shows 



Rome, Italy 17.07.2002

Rome's Haute Couture fashion shows in Italy 17.07.2002. She was there, probably her first catwalk fore some time. All together with models like Valeria Mazza, Eva Herzigova, Naomi Campbell and more. She definitely is back. 

Click on the picture at left to see more of her.


    The pictures was found at Yahoo News, no link at it sins it will disappear soon. (as always)  

Take a look at Hola.Com


Laetitia Casta is back again, you will find her in Victoria's Secrets 2002 fall catalogue. 


  Laetitia has done it again, she is back at modeling. 

In the fall 2002 preview of Victoria's Secret catalog, you finds her on the front page and in several pages inside.

You can visit Victoria's ad take a look for you self here:

Or click on the picture at left to go to a Victoria's gallery on this site.



Laetitia Casta prepares for a return to the world of fashion  



She is connected to a powerful American models agency.
Shortly before having her daughter Sahteene, eight months ago, Laetitia Casta announced her intention to leave the world of fashion to dedicate herself exclusively to the cinema. Nevertheless, after almost a year with her  young  Sahteene , and with lots of public appearances, the beautiful Corse announces her return to fashion, without leaving the cinema. 

She has signed in with the all-powerful agency IMG, and her manager (?) will be Anne Nelson. The same one that represents stars like Gisele Bündchen, Elizabeth Hurley, Hilary Swank or Carolyn Murphy. 

Anne Nelson, fulfilling her new functions already, has explained to the press the plans for Laetitia Casta . Thus, to take care of her commitments professional, the French will live between London and New York, city where she lives with the photographer Stephane Sednaoui . And Laetitia  will be occupied with the intervention in several films and different contracts fashionable.
Let us hope that alliance between IMG and Laetitia Casta turn out to be a success, like she did not have with its previous agency, Madison. That ended up with Madison  suing Laetitia Casta
for breaking their contract. (red am.) 

Think that the fact that Laetitia is returning to the world of fashion is something we all look forward to!! (red. am.)

Read the original text here :

Visit IMG here:


NEW 05.07.02: More of the same at HELLO MAGAZINE

  Picture not associated with the article.  

According to German Yahoo do not  Laetitia do much work out.. 

  Laetitia Casta does not like Fitness training 

Hamburg (AP) the French Model Laetitia Casta can't complain about figure problems  also without using any diet or sport. "I decreased to that after the birth automatically, without a diet", told the 24 years old Laetitia, (She became a mother in October) to Hamburg magazine "Gala" and added: "I drive at all no sport and will also never understand, what humans in the fitness training fulfillment find." I rather relaxes "with classical music and a good book." (Translated with AltaVista)

Read it German on: Yahoo! Schlagzeilen

Thanks to Evita for this news in the Zouzou.Org forum.


Picture not associated with the article, but she looks sporty on it...


  18.05.2002 Laetitia is going to act in a new French movie, starting in September 2002  

  Filming in September for Laetitia Casta-from the passage in Cannes as ambassador of L'Oreal, Laetitia Casta has confided to the newspaper "France Soir" that she would be playing on the side of Benoit Magimel  (award for male performance in Cannes 2001 for his role in "La Pianiste") in the second long play film of Damien Odoul  ("Le Souffle") the filming of which begins on September. 

The young woman who had her debut in cinema on 1998 in "Asterix & Obelix" by Claude Zidi, remains nevertheless discrete about her role. "It's a love story" she simply indicates "It's my most important project, a scenario that touches me particularly" 

She also specifies, underlining that "the director is young and really free"

She herself affirms that she feels "neither actress nor model". "I am myself. I am free, everybody tells me that I'm a fool to think that, but yes, I'm free", insists the young woman. 

Asked about the fiasco of "Rue des Plaisirs" by Patrice Leconte of which she was the heroine, she responds that "the in-success like the success are not explained at all". "Forcefully, this turns upside down. Everybody thinks of the director and that's bad. You give yourself, you'd like that everybody went at your meeting and that doesn't happen on all times" ,"but it's not controllable and that's good", she concludes.


Picture not associated with the article.


Source:  From the forum, by Victor, a Yahoo news in French translated by Goldfinger



The Yahoo message no longer exist.

    Text by Yahoo!, translated by GOLDFINGER    

  15-26/05.2002 Cannes, France.

The 55 film festival has started and Laetitia has arrived on the red carpet.

And she is an  ambassador of L'Oreal. Check the L'Oreal link under.




    Laetitia Casta, smiles as she arrives for the screening of the film "Hollywood Ending," out of competition, which was directed by American Woody Allen at the opening of the 55th Film Festival in Cannes, France, Wednesday, May 15, 2002  Laetitia Casta, foreground, and Ukrainian born American actress Milla Jovovich, arrive for the screening of the film "Hollywood Ending,"  
            Laetitia Casta poses for photographers during red carpet arrivals for the opening ceremony of the 55th International Cannes Film Festival, May 15, 2002. Twenty-two films are in competition for the prestigious Palme d'Or at the film jamboree on the French Riviera   

MORE Photos from Cannes 2002


The sources:



Link to L'Oreal Paris Cannes section:


Thanks to Ruli for this news at the forum. Evita and BisonOkse for some pictures.


Laetitia in Galeries Lafayette 2 May 2002

G. Lafayette use Laetitia in their new Swimwear campaign for the summer of 2002. As before it's really some strange pictures.


Swimwear '02
02 May - 17 August 2002

Hit the beach with Galeries Lafayette' new swimwear collection. Galeries Lafayette Paris offer the largest selection of top designer swimwear. We carry the hottest swimsuits from French to International designers : Banana Moon - Burberry - Chloé - Cacharel - Jean Paul Gaultier - Sonia Rykiel - Moschino - Christian Dior - Empreinte - Eres - Huit - Morgan - Jenna de Rosnay - Naf Naf - Triumph.
We have some of the hottest tankinis, the coolest bikinis and stylish one piece swimsuits that will appeal to the chaise-longue crowd. There's always something for everyone at Galeries Lafayette Paris.

Let summer begin !


Thanks to "Bisonokse"  for the News!

Click on the picture to see more on the Galeries Lafayette page.



Visit Galeries Lafayette in Paris:  

Laetitia  "Defending the republic"

30 April 2002

In the second picture the man next to Laetitia is Jean-Claude Brialy  who played  Raphaël Mahl in the Blue Bicycle.


Venique Genest, Line Renaud, Henri El Salvador, Laetitia Casta and Michel Boujenah.
By Eric Féferberg 

Tuesday April 30, 2002, 20h10 
Several hundreds of actors, artists, musicians met Tuesday in front of the Pompidou Center in Paris "to defend the Republic" joined soon by a troop of high-school pupils who were not envisaged with the program but which largely contributed to animation. (Photograph: Veronique Genest, Line Renaud, Henri El Salvador, Laetitia Casta and Michel Boujenah ) 
Eric Féferberg. 




The whole article here:

Thanks to Evita for this news in the Zouzou forum.    
The article in French here. Yahoo! Actualités  

Laetitia in German Vogue

April issue 2002


She stopped modeling, but the magazines still "love" her. Elle and Marie Claire a little earlier this year and now in German Vogue the April issue.. 

Vogue Germany here:

Laetitia in Galleries Lafayette mars 2002


In the French company Galeries Lafayette latest campaign, they use Laetitia as their front model. The pictures of  Laetitia are quite "rare", like only the French could do. 


Look for your self:

Laetitia are "on" again. February 2002

(updated 30.05.20)

 New: there is now a bigger picture from TeleK7, and TV Magazine, click on them to watch.


It seems like Laetitia Casta are "active" as ever. In just a short time she appears in four different magazines. Marie Claire mars 2002, French Elle February 2002, TV-magazine and TeleK7 in February/January 2002. You can se the pictures inside Elle here.  And there my be more...

Laetitia and Sahteene in New York 4. Feb. 2002


Thanks, for those Pictures!

Laetitia and Sahteene in New York round the 4. of  February 2002. They are so  fine.  Just look at the pictures. This must be one of the best pictures taken, it shows a really happy mother & daughter !!!

A picture I have not seen before.

It's a adv. for DANIEL SWAROVSKI 

Germany, 26 Jan. 2002 Interview with Laetitia in T-online (German)

T-Online Startseite

Paris, 22 Jan. 2002 Laetitia with Y.S. Laurent in Paris.

Veteran French designer Yves Saint Laurent (C) holds the hand of French top model Laetitia Casta (L) and long-time friend French actress Catherine Deneuve (R) as they are surrounded by models at the end of his retrospective haute couture fashion show at the Pompidou Center in Paris, January 22, 2002. At the age of 65, legendary French designer Yves Saint Laurent bids adieu to fashion with a presentation of more than 300 outfits from a career spanning 40 years. REUTERS/Philippe Wojazer

 (AP Photo/Remy de la Mauviniere)


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