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  August-2002 Madame Figaro Goldfinger/MF  
  July-2002 OHLA 03-07-2002 Goldfinger/OhLa  
  July-2002 I pack my luck on Wetten Dass 02  
  October-2002 A real model of the top GOLDFINGER /French TV  
  Mars-2002 J'AI HATE DE VIELLIR  (a really good interview) Marie Claire  
  16-03-2002 An "old" interview about The blue Bicycle GOLDFINGER /France 2  
  26-01-2002 Top-model Laetitia Casta Six Questions T-online  
  29-05-2001 Laetitia Casta Cuts Her Teeth on a Serious Film. Guenther & Herald Tribune  
  September-1999 OhLa 29-09-1999 Guenther  
  May-1998 Cosmopolitan  May 1998 The web.   
  June-1998 Personality June 1998 The web.  
  January-1998 Stern Guenther & the web  


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