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Added 29 February 2004

Updated 09.03.2008              

Morten and his "new" Isuzu


Some pictures from the first trip with the car.

    Some time ago my friend Morten brought an old Mitsubishi Pajero 4x4 car to do some off road driving with. sadly the old Mitsubishi was in very bad shape, I think he got it running for as much as 20 minutes at all. So this year (2004) he brought a much better Isuzu Trooper, put on some descent tyres 33"x15". And suddenly he had a quite capable machine. Off course there are a few problems, the tyres are to big, you cant make a sharp turn or they will hit the chassis. When this is written he works hard to solve it, raising the car.     To be continued.  



Added 29 February 2004


My off road car.

    Some years ago this Mitsubishi L200 was brought as a car to drive around in the forest with. And we have had much fun with it. But this car have to do some work also, I soon found out that it was much more easy to carry lighter stuff in this rather then in the tractor so every year its used for different lighter transportation. The off-road capabilities are quite limited, the ground clearance are to low, the tyres ordinary road stuff so on. And to keep it up against Morten's Isuzu it needs new off-road tyres and a little more ground clearance. As I see it, its only advantage compared to the Isuzu is the low gearing and some lower centre of weight.      Need some work.    



Added 29 February 2004


The Ramcharger

    Dodge Ramcharger 1978, this is a nice car I brought together with a friend Kre Mannes. It was cheep but needed some new parts and a lot of work to get it road legal. The engine is a small block  318, not fast but strong enough. We have been working on it to get it on the road for the summer as some sort of "nice weather car". It its room enough its quite capable in the terrain, with good tyres and its "medium-slip differential" Every new years-eve its used to pull a sled around on the snow and the winner is the one who still on the sled when the trip is over. Its strange when you drive it, it feels a lot bigger then it actually are.  Nice car.   As it looked when we brought it, with a heavy roof and small wheels.  
        With new wheels.  


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