Here is a brief introducing of all my motorbikes, some are former bikes, some of them are still mine, should have keep them all.


GP100 80 mod, Z650FIII 83 mod


I have been interested in motorbikes sins I borrowed my first two-wheeler. It was a Kreidler Florett 50ccm. I had to have one. And when I was 16 I got a Suzuki GP100. I those days it was a fantastic machine 7 hp an a top speed around 90-95km/h. I had the Suzuki for two years.

Then I was lost, I needed a bigger machine. On Stord " Mc-senter" I found a brand new Kawasaki Z650FIII (1983) And soon after it was mine. From 7 to 67 hp, it was amazing. 

At those days my friends motorbikes was like Suzuki GSX400F and Yamaha XS400. Compared to those the Kawasaki was awesome.  (foe a while)

  This is my Kawasaki  Z650FIII. The picture is taken i 1984 in " Setermoen"  Norway. The man in green is my friend Birger Vennesland on his Yamaha XS650 (slightly modified) Here is a picture (poor quality) of the Suzuki GP100 with Johannes Langhelle in the saddle. A this point I had sold it to the man on the Kawazaki. Z1000, Kåre Mannes.   
Pictures from Birger and my trip from Setermone ( North of Norway) back home (south of Norway) in 1984. This was a very nice trip with midnight sun and nice roads.



Z1000J 82 mod


The big boys had bigger toys, so after two years with the Z650 I traded it in for another Kawazaki. A Z1000J (1982 mod.) It had a Windjammer full fairing with stereo, oil cooler, Krauser bags. The engine had 102hp and was a lot stronger then the Z650. The Windjammer was soon put away (actually on and off a couple of times every year) 

Some modifications was done: A 4-1 Jardine exhaust, (a lot of noise) Yohusimura 1105ccm pistons. Some work on the engine head(?) After some problems with adjusting the engine, it become a really nice machine. I would  like to have it today.... 

  Here is the Z000J without the fairing (with 4-1, and 11005ccm) Nice bike. Burnout with the Z1000J with the Windjammer and everything.  



GPZ900R 87 mod, GS400 76 mod


Kawazaki Z1000J was a great bike to make "black stripe" in the road with. The handling was not nothing to write home about.  Z1000 was sold an a Kawazaki (you may thing I an a Kawazaki fan, that's right) GPZ900R (1987 mod) The GPZ900R was a good handling bike (1987!!) In the beginning I was a little disappointed about the power (115 Hp) But after a years time I had the opportunity to try my old Z1000, and... there was no doubt, the GPZ900R was faster, it only doesn't feel like that. It was faster, the top speed was awesome compared to my former bike, I could gain much higher corner speed. And it was fine with a passenger to.

At this time (1987-89) I got an offer from a friend Svein Tønnesen to bye his old Suzuki GS400 (1977 mod) very cheap.  I bayed it. Much because I needed it to beat my friend Kåre's old Honda CB350four. (He sold it before we could try) 

The Suzuki was ready to run, but looked awful (sorry Svein) I restored it, not to originally look but nice enough. It got new pistons from a GS425ccm Suzuki, new electrical wiring, polishing every aluminum engine panels, new black paint etc. I still have it, and I will never sell it, it's nice to ride, not fast (fast enough for it's handling) but it has the right feeling. It's soon going to get some new parts like exhaust, rear dampers and so on.

  The Gpz and my sister Gunvor trying to tell me that skiing is better than biking. My ex GPZ with ex  Aslaug in the saddle. Only in B&W  
  Here is the Suzuki GS400 on a trip to Egersund.       Both my bikes back in 1993, on a trip to Egersund the GS400 and the FJ1100. Photo taken by Kåre Mannes..  
  And here at home winter 2000. And some more pictures of the GPZ900R, taken by Terje Andersen who borrowed the bike for a weekend.  



FJ1100 86 mod


When I sold the GPZ (1991?) I had one year without a bike.... Never again! My friend Morten told me it was a mistake to sell my GPZ, it was. Then in 1993 (I think) I brought a used Yamaha FJ1100 1986 model. Actually I have never quite liked the FJ from Yamaha. They are good bikes,  fast and handles well enough. But they don't look great. 

The FJ1100 was in good condition, but the paint quality on those bikes is not the best, especially  on the frame and engine. I had to give the frame/engine and some other parts a new paint and some freshening.  I had it for three years before I sold it in 1995/96. 

  FJ1100 a short time after I brought it. The former owner had painted the wheels red. The FJ1100 with new paint on the frame/engine and some engine covers polished.  
  Another picture after it was "restored"          



ZZR1100D2 94 mod


On a journey to Southern Europe on the autobahn in Germany with my wife  an a lot of luggage I couldn't get more than 230-240 Km/h (downwards) on the FJ1100. I was a little disappointed of the power. 

A Kawasaki ZZR1100D2 (1994) was the solution. Even my wife told that it feels a lot stronger than the FJ1100. It has only 25 more horse power but it feels like 50 more. It's very fast (follows my friends CBR1100XX at any speed, and faster in 6 gear) 

Compared to all my former bikes it's a hell of a machine. You can open the throttle at any gear and it pulls strongly away. In first it will lift the front wheel some inches but you can accelerate like you want. It handles well (the CBR1100XX is better), it's fine two up wit hard luggage and everything. When driven fine it uses less petrol than my former GPZ900R.

It had only 10000km on the clocks when I brought it in 1996, now (October 2001) it's almost 50000km and still going strong. 

Some modifications are done mostly in year 2000:

  • New Ohlin's rear shock .
  • Race Teck front fork valves.
  • Scotoiler (a must).

I thing I going to have this machine till Kawazaki comes with something as fast and at the same time comfortable two up.

  The ZZR1100 from the rear, usually it has a Givi wing rack mounted. Here on a trip with my wife  in Norway.  
  Well from the rear again. And from the right side.  



YZ125K3 83 mod, CR250 89 mod, TY250 8X mod

  This is my toys. The YZ come first, I brought very cheap to travel around on our farm, and it's indeed verrrry funny  to drive. It's an old Yamaha YZ cross motorbike. The old Yamaha have been surprisingly good, its been hard driven before I got it, me and my friends have been driving it hard and its still working, but I think it won't hold for long no (2008) ...When comparing it to more modern equipment its slower, have awful brakes but its much more nimble to handle in the forest than the any other cross bike I have tried. Then I have an almost new CR250, its a 1989 model, higher, heavier and longer then the Yamaha and MUCH stronger. Have always heard about the famous Honda quality but compared to the YZ it have been quite expensive to keep on the track. There are new brakes all around, all spokes have been changed, rear shock had to be overhauled etc. But I love that engine.....

And at last a bike for my wife, a TY250 from the mid 1980 I think. Pulls like a tractor and goes everywhere. Quite hard to start and a bit heavy in the forest but fun to ride.

Below some more bikes: A TTR 125 LW, around 1982 model. Slightly modified with BBR suspension and Frame Cradle. This is a fun bike for kids at every age :) A 1994 Beta Techno 250. This is a much better bike then the older TY 250. Really strong engine. And last, not a bike but near. A Grizzly 660. This is probably the best vehicles  I have ever brought. I use it for work and for fun. And most people love to drive it.

  The YZ!! The YZ again, my fun machine.  
  CR250 SOLD TY250  



BSA A10 GF59 mod


I have always (well for a while) wanted and old Brit. One fine day this old BSA arrived. It's an A10 Golden Flash from 1959. The color is not original, but close. Everything works, and I use it when I want to relax on the roads. I ones reached 150Km/h on it but it's finest speed is around 80-90Km/h. 

The engine had a overhaul before I brought it and it works well. I am going to replace the tires (they are like small car tires) wit more modern stuff and replace the regulator with an electronic device. (it's simple to get parts to)

One day (or one winter) I am going to pull it apart for a total rebuild. (except the engine who works well and has been looked over)

  Here it is, a cool machine. And from the left side.



GSX1100ES 83 mod & Lambretta 125 61 mod

  GSX1100, Sorry no Picture available, I am working on the bike. 

Well maybe this was a mistake, time will show. I brought it cheap from a friend (John Harald Mannes) but it's not cheap anymore. It's (was) in a bad condition. Especially the engine was bad. Dragbike engineering in "Lørenskog" has rebuild the engine with:

I am working (when I got some time left) on it to make a sort of street fighter ore something. But it's a lot of work. I am going to put it on it's own page when I am ready.

The Lambretta, I fall for this bike. It's an 1963 model Italian scooter. All the parts are present (not in the picture) BUT... it will take some time to get it running. I haven't started the work yet. And there will be some years before the work will begun.... 



(That was all of them)


And some technical stuff:

Make Type Mod. From-To Engine type Top speed Ranking  
Suzuki GP 100 1980 1980-82 98ccm, 1cyl./ 2-stroke, 7 hp 90 Km/h


Kawazaki Z650FIII 1983 1983-85 652ccm, 4cyl/4-stroke, 67 hp 200 Km/h


Kawazaki Z1000J 1982 1985-88 998ccm, 4cyl/4-stroke, 102 hp 225 Km/h 5  
Kawazaki GPZ900R 1987 1988-90 908ccm, 4cyl/4-stroke, 115 hp 250 Km/h 4  
Suzuki GS400 1977 1989- 396ccm, 2cyl/4-stroke, 36 hp 160? Km/h 7  
Yamaha FJ1100 1984 1992-96 1097ccm, 4cyl/4-stroke, 125 hp 240 Km/h 8  
Kawazaki ZZR1100D2 1994 1996- 1052ccm, 4cyl/4-stroke, 150 hp 280+ Km/h 2  
Yamaha YZ125K3 1983 1999- 123ccm, 1cyl/2-stroke, 33 hp 120? Km/h 3  
BSA A10GF 1959 1999- 646ccm, 2cyl/4-stroke, 34 hp 150? Km/h 1  
Suzuki GSX1100ES 1983 1999- 1098ccm, 4cyl/4-stroke, 111 hp 225 Km/h ?  
Lambretta 125 1961 2000- 123ccm, 1cyl/2-stroke, 5.25 hp 100? Km/h




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