The Guldner story, a short version.

Hugo Guldner started in 1894 to develop a two-stroke engine, and some years later together with Rudolf Diesel he succeeded in making a two-stroke diesel engine. In 1902 he put together a popular textbook about how to make combustion engines. In 1904 the company Guldner -Motoren-Gesellschaft mbH was founded and factories built for production of  combustion engines. During first world war the main task was building airplane engines. And then in 1940 the first Guldner tractor arrived, it was the A20 with a single cylinder diesel with 20 hp output. It was a solid made and easy tractor to use. During second world war the factory was bombed, but in 1947 Guldner was again ready for tractor production. And until 1968 Guldner made tractors with engines from one cylinder to big six cylinder engines.. At the end of the 1950's most Fahr tractors was made at the Guldner factory. In 1961 brought Deutz Fahr and after a while the agreement between Fahr and Guldner was ended. Guldner ended it's tractor production in 1969. A lot of the Fahr tractors from D-66 to D-177S are similar to the Guldner models AX to A4MS. 

From the book "Veterantraktorer i Norge"  (Eng: Vintage tractors in Norway)

Hugo Guldner

  "The beginning"                  
  Left: The first Guldner Tractor, the A20 from 1940. The model was first shown in 1938, it had a one cylinder water-cooled engine with a output of 20 hp. Left: In 1949 there was a new model on the line, the big news was a frame less design. This is a A(F)15 from 1951. The F stands for four speed (+ high & low gears) It have a 1300ccm four stroke diesel engine with 16hp. The production ended in 1954.  
  A20         AF15        
  Right: A ADN model from 1953. It had a 1300ccm two cylinder four stroke diesel with 16hp output. From 1958 it was available with five speed gear box.       Right: Between 1953 and 1958 Guldner made this small tractor, the AZK. The AZK had a 886ccm two cylinder diesel engine. Producing 14hp. The model on the picture is from 1954.      
      ADN         AZK  
    Left: Another AZK up for some heavy work....       Left: A new model for 1954 was the ABN.  It had a two cylinder four stroke diesel producing 25hp.  The model was in production until 1958. This is a 1955 model.  
  AZK         ABN        
  Right: This ADN-18 was new in 1959, the engine produced 18hp. and was like most Guldner from this time a two cylinder four stroke diesel. The engine displacement is 1300ccm.       Right: The biggest "green one" was this 1957 AFN. It was produced between 1952 and 1957. It had a 2410ccm two cylinder four stroke diesel with a output of 35hp.    
      ADN-18         AFN  
  "The next generation"                  
  Left: An A2B from 1959. The model was in production from 1959 to --. The engine is a two cylinder water cooled four stroke diesel of 1840ccm and 25hp. Left: This is a A3K from 1962. It had a three cylinder air cooled four stroke diesel of 1500ccm and 25hp.  
  A2B         A3K        
  "The G-series"                  
  Right: The G series tractors, the engines were from two to six cylinder diesel. The smallest* were the G25 produced between 1963-69.       Right: This is a G25S from 1964. It have a two cylinder diesel of 1500ccm and 25hp.    
  *)Not sure about this.   G25         G25S  
    Left: A little bigger then the G25 is this G30. (year unknown) It have a three cylinder diesel of 2360ccm and 30hp. from 1965 it was upgraded to 32hp.        
  G30         G35-G35A   G40  

Left: This tractor a Guldner G40 4x4 from 1963. The G40 was built from 1963 to 1969. It used the a 3L79 three cylinder engine, the same as the G30 and G35. In the G40 the engine was rated at 38hp (DIN) The transmission was the ZF A-120 with 8 speed forward and 4 speeds reverse. Gear and range shift levers next to the steering wheel. The 4x4 version had a ZF front axel like all the 4x4 Guldners in the G-range.  Thanks to: Klaus Tietgens for the photos and information. (Photos from June 2005)

  G40 4x4   G40 4x4              
          Left: This is one of the bigger Guldner tractors around. A G50 gotland with 4x4. It was produced from 1962 and had a four cylinder fourstroke diesel of 3140ccm and 48hp. This is a 1963 model.  
  G45S   G45S     G50        
  Right: A The front of a G50 4x4, nice tractor.       Right: A 2 whell drive G50, a late model with 50hp from the same engine as the original G50.    
      G50         G50  
  G75   G75     G75   G75  

The G 75 was the biggest Guldner tractor ever built. It was produced from 1965 to 1969 and used an air cooled six cylinder engine with 4712 cc. Power was 65 hp for the G 75 4 x 2 and 70 hp for the G 75 4 x 4 on the first models. In 1967 it was upgraded to 70 hp for the G 75 4 x 2 and 75 hp for the G 75 4 x 4. The ZF synchromesh transmission T-318 II had 12/6 speeds and 16/8 with the optional creeper.  Only 149 samples of the G 75 4x2 and 201 G 75 4x4 were built. Thanks to: Klaus Tietgens for the information.

    Most of the pictures here are taken from the book Deutsche Traktoren 1920-1970 by Udo Paulitz. A very interesting book for lovers of old tractors.    

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