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  About Guldner AK.

It all started in 1956 with a  cooperation between Guldner and Fahr, both well known European tractor makers. It was decided that Guldner made the smaller ones below 20hp an Fahr the bigger tractors. Both companies had much the same models in their line, under different names and with some minor differences. For example the Guldner-tractor A 2KN, was similar to the Fahr D 88ES. From 1959  Guldner had the A 2 KN tractor ready. It small tractor based on a 13hp at 2475rpm strong two cylinder air-cooled four stroke diesel at 886 ccm displacement. 
It was a light tractor only weighting in at 890 kg, it had six gears forward and two reverse from it's ZF gear box. The model was called the "Spessart" and was in production until 1965.  An even smaller tractor had already been in production sins 1956, the model AX or A 1 X,  with only 800 kg net weight. This model went under the name  "Sprinter". It had a air-cooled one cylinder diesel on 636ccm displacement, producing 11 hp at 2500 rpm. It was on many points the same as the A2KN. You could choose whatever colour you wanted as long as it was green or blue. 

  A1X   A1X  
  A2KN (behind the green A2B) A2KN  

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