My Tractors, a short presentation.


The MF235, a 1979 model. Its made in UK (see serial number plate). Actually its a MF240 without the spacer in the gearbox. The importer ordered it to Norway without the spacer to have a small but still quite strong tractor. They also sell the MF240 so to separate the two versions they called it MF235. You can see the sign 235 is cemented over the original sign The cab is probably made in Norway, and it was only available in 2x4.Engine is a Perkins AD3.152  It have been restored two years ago.

  The Massey Ferguson 290, have absolutely seen better days. Hope get time to start restoring it soon. Its a 1979 model with a Perkins AD4. 248 engine. Gone more than 12000 hours. The cab is probably made in Norway.   


  The Lawn tractors. Sins we actually have a quite big lawn, these tractors are probably the ones used most often. The oldest first, a MF-3050 from, well early 1990 ?,  4 wheel steering, 2 cylinder engine. When new probably the most expensive here. MTD 13B, brought it new in 2000 and it have had a hard life sins then. But still working. It was replaced in 2009 with a 4x4 Husqvarna 16 AWD.  I great machine.  
    Left MTD 13B engine. One cylinder, 400cc 13 HP.    Left MF-3050 engine. Two cylinder, 480 cc, 15 HP    Left 16 AWD engine. One cylinder, 500 cc, 15.5 HP      
  Wheel Horse 312-8. Brought 2010 very cheep. But this is actually a real tractor in a small package. Real steel frame, mechanical gears with high and low range. Top speed from 0.5 km/h to 10 km/h Driver: Lars & Jarle    

The German solution,: One Moto-Standard U10 form the early 1960's with its Norwegian built (Lid Jarnindustri) front carriage. Then one Kramer KB17 from 1955 and another Kramer KW200 from 1963. And my Guldner...its a pity not finished after all this years (2010)

              I actually use this KB 17 a lot.   
    Moto standard    KB17 1955         
            KW200 1963   Guldner AK   
    And a Volvo 195X T24 being rebuilt right now (2010). Hopefully finished before summer 2011. Picture borrowed from Puddingsworld.    



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