Laetitia Casta video, new and old!


Some videos of Laetitia from various happenings. It's mostly the same videos that appears in the galleries. ENJOY

   From her films. Pirelli & Sport Illustrated  Corsica Zeki Triko  
  14 videos 21 videos 6 videos 5 videos  
   Various (Guess, Marianne...)       Advertising's    By Pippo    TV-show, Interviews  
  5 videos 7 videos 4 videos 23 videos  
   Various Festivals and..  Div, singing and others.          
  6 videos 7 videos          

Most of the videos borrowed from Pippo's Zouzou.Org (the original one) and Castafree.Com  Both sites gone long time ago and that's a pity. Thanks

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