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New models for 2003

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Z1000 ZR1000-A1

    The new Z1000 for 2003, the most spectacular Kawasaki for ages. A street-fighter with influence from the old Z900 with four pipes, to the brand new sport machine, the ZX6R. It as small as a 600ccm with an big bore engine.

Give into Temptation

  How does it look?  
  Front and rear.  
  Pearl Blazing Orange  
  Pearl Blazing Orange  
  Black Pearl  
  Black Pearl  
  Lime Green  
  Kawasaki took the engine from the last ZX9R increased the pistons from 75mm to 77,2mm to gain a displacement of 953ccm. Bolted on a new injection system. Detuned it for more midrange. The exhausts passes throe a 4-2-4 exhaust system. (Picture 3 at right) They did a light make up on the outside of the engine to make it look better.  (Picture 2 at right)

Put it in a tubular steel frame with the engine as a supporting unit. (Below)

  Its called a diamond frame, its strong and light.  

The saddle is borrowed from the new ZX6R (picture 4 right) The same are the all new digital instruments, the first of that kind on a big Kawa. (picture 1 right). In the front there is a bikini fairing, with dual reflectors. giving the rider some wind protection according to bike tests.  (picture upper left).




New instruments, same as on the ZX6R and RR. 


New engine, a bigger and detuned ZX9R engine.


Such exhaust are not common these days.


New design, the most spectacular Kawasaki for years.

      More Z1000 pictures & wallpaper      
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Model Name: VN1600-A1

  The new king of the Vulcan line-up. The brand new Kawasaki VulcanŽ 1600 Classic. A stroked version of Kawasaki's best-selling cruiser. The popular VulcanŽ 1500 Classic    
      How does it look?      
  Metallic Dark Bronze   Metallic Canyon Silver   Metallic Ruby Red  


  Taken from Kawasaki.COM and rewritten a little  
  If cruiser coolness can be measured in height and length, the new low-and-long Kawasaki 2003 Kawasaki VulcanŽ 1600 Classic is as cool as it gets.  A new engine delivers the kind of low rpm rumble that gets the nod from serious cruiser riders. A new frame with a longer wheelbase and a lower seat height houses the engine and is the basis for this new American classic.

The Vulcan 1600 Classic turns up the heat with its liquid-cooled, V-twin, SOHC, four-stroke 1552cc engine. Tuned for low- and mid-range power, a 5mm increase in stroke ensures a broad spread of satisfying power and delivers gutsy acceleration in the typical cruising range. The fining on the head and crankcase is changed and the base engine colour is changed from black to silver, all of which contribute to a cleaner, sleeker package.  The Vulcan 1600 Classic drinks from an easy-starting, smooth running, high performance fuel injection system that reduces exhaust emissions and provides uniform power delivery at all engine speeds.

The 1600 Classic's single overhead cam actuates four valves per cylinder. Two valve springs are used on all valves to ensure tight valve closure, while hydraulic lash adjusters automatically maintain valve clearance for smooth engine performance, reduced valve clatter and no maintenance. Automatic cam chain tensioner  keep cam timing accurate and provide greater reliability. A gear-driven counter balancer and rubber engine mounts reduce handlebar and floorboard vibration for smoother acceleration. Dual alternators provides enough output to power electrical accessories.

The goal of increased rider comfort has been achieved by redesigning several aspects of the chassis, including the frame. The use of two 40 x 40mm square cross-section tubes form the new single backbone frame, which accommodates the larger capacity redesigned fuel tank. In addition, a detachable right-side down tube allows the engine to be removed more easily. A new stainless steel handlebar that improves the riding position and a reshaped seat offers superb rider comfort.

Larger stanchions for the front fork and a repositioned rear shock have improved suspension. The 43mm telescopic fork provides increased rigidity, superb steering and excellent ride quality. On the rear, dual-rear air shocks deliver superb comfort for long days in the saddle. The new larger tires and wheels give the 1600 Classic a tougher look, while the wider fenders set off the new design. The front fender is also wide enough to accommodate a larger front tire for those seeking the ultimate muscle image. The new front wheel also features larger diameter 300mm dual discs and a larger single rear disc, delivering impressive stopping power.

New multi-reflector headlight that provides a more balanced look and front turn signals that feature an integrated lamp/stay design for easy mounting. New side covers that proudly display the Kawasaki logo fill the space between the tank and the engine. Features of the new integrated instrument cluster include a revised LCD screen, tank-mounted ignition switch, fuel-injection warming lamp, fuel gauge, odometer, trip meter and clock. Fold-up floorboards look great and improve rider comfort.

  From: MC Nytt Sweden      






A nickel-silicon-phosphorous-plated cylinder provides excellent heat transfer properties and is host to a forged aluminium piston, which receives oil cooling through a crankcase oil jet. A thermostatically controlled cooling fan is also mounted to the left radiator to help maintain a consistent operating temperature in traffic. While on the roads or in dirt, smooth and crisp throttle response comes courtesy of a Mikuni BSR36 CV-type carburettor, which drinks from a long-range fuel tank. 

Wrapped around the responsive engine is an equally responsive chassis. With a dry weight of just 291-pounds, the KLX400SR is slim, nimble and comfortable enough to spend long days in the saddle. Attached to the chrome-moly steel frame is an aluminium sub frame that provides a skeleton for a smooth transition between tank, seat and bodywork, making the KLX400SR a stylish high-performance dirt bike. Bolted to the KLX400SR chassis and providing it with a plush ride is the 49mm long-travel cartridge fork, which features rebound damping and adjustable spring preload. A lightweight aluminium swing arm and rear shock with high/low-speed rebound and compression damping adjustability complement the fork and overall chassis package. Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes give the KLX400SR ample stopping power.

 The KLX400SR may be street legal, but it's still definitely equipped for the wild.


A new off-road bike from Kawasaki. The new KLX400SR is based one the new KLX400R enduro bike, but more suited for on/road use. Because its design was derived from a true off-road machine, the KLX400SR is built to withstand harsh elements.

             From Kawasaki.COM  


  ZX6R & RR ZX636-B1, ZX600K1 (RR)            



Big news doesn't always mean big machines like the Z1000, sometimes its a new class leader like the brand new ZX6R and ZX6RR.

Two completely new machines in the 600 class!


  ZX6R & RR instruments.              
  ZX6R the colours.  
  Black Pearl   Candy Lightning Blue   Passion Red   Silver  
  The ZX6RR, built to win on the track. It comes only in this colour. Lime Green. Witch have been Kawasaki's racing paint for years. You can have the ZX6R in this colour too.    
  The only visual difference between the US version and the one for other markets are a few reflexes front and rear. This is the European version. US version of the same bike above.  

For 2003 Kawasaki made two new top bikes in the 600ccm class. One limited edition, the ZX6RR the tool to use on the track and one more road oriented, the ZX6R. The ZX-6RR is equipped with the following features to enhance its race track performance:

  • 3-ring, forged pistons are fitted. Lightweight construction results in a weight reduction of approximately 5 g.

  • Back-torque limiter fitted to the clutch helps prevent rear wheel hop during corner entry.

  • A  programmable ECU comes with the race kit, as do different springs and shims for the slipper clutch.

  • Adjustable swing arm pivot allows the chassis to be tuned to suit track conditions.

  • A steering damper mounting boss is fitted to
    the frame.

You can have the ZX6R in a lot of colours, red, black, blue, silver and green. If its the ZX6R you want, then I hope you like lime green cause that's the colour you get

The ZX-6R carries over the 636 cm3 displacement of last year's 6R, while the ZX-6RR is a limited production race-oriented machine equipped with special engine and chassis features for 600cc class racing. Some of the many other advanced features include inverted front forks, lighter wheels and the trickiest instrument package this side of a GP circuit.

 The new fuel-injected engines pump out more power, have a higher rev ceiling, weigh less and are more compact. The cylinder head, valve train, cylinder, transmission, crankcases and many more components are completely new. Engine weight has been significantly reduced and performance markedly increased. In addition to the above modifications, the ZX-6RR engine features a more over-square bore/stroke ratio for increased high-rpm performance.  An optional race kit offers a wider range of tuning parts, including a programmable ECU and tuning parts for the clutch. The aggressive styling speaks for itself. No one who sees these machines will mistake these rapier-like Ninja fighters for anything other than top-class super sport machines; no-one who rides them will doubt that they are the most hard-core machines in their category.

Compared to last years ZX6R there is a lot of changes: 

  • New, radial-mounted, 4-piston front brake callipers deliver exceptional feel and performance - widely used in racing, this is a first for a production bike.

  • New, semi-floating, radially drilled, 280 mm stainless steel front disc rotors are 6 mm thick for high heat capacity and mount on flat disc carriers without offset for reduced weight.

  •  Liquid-cooled, DOHC, 16-valve 636cc (599 cc RR) 4-cylinder engines deliver increased performance, especially in the high rpm ranges.

  • Electronic fuel injection with large-bore 38 mm throttle bodies for high engine output and low emissions. Sub-throttles ensure smooth, linear power characteristics.

  • All-new all-aluminium perimeter frame offers exceptional strength and torsion rigidity while delivering crisp and stable handling performance.

  • Centrally mounted Ram-Air duct is integrated with the steering head. This simplified design reduces weight and improves Ram Air efficiency. It also allows frontal area to be reduced via a narrower, more aerodynamically efficient front fairing.

  • Hexagonal extruded aluminium swing arm with internal ribbing offers high stiffness and low weight. GP-style fairing and bodywork give the machines a distinctively racy look.

  • Reshaped central Ram Air duct gives the front of the bikes a very aggressive look.

  • Lightweight and very bright dual multi-reflector headlight. 

  Some more ZX6R & RR pictures.  
              Slightly modified  

Naked RR from left




Naked RR from left/rear




"see throe" ZX6R




ZX6R engine




ZX6R engine




ZX6RR front




ZX6RR rear








A lime green ZX6R


          Some wallpapers.          

PDF file ZX6r and ZX6RR




The 2003 models are divided in six pages:


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