The 2003 models are divided in six pages:


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Street bikes.

Updated 24.12.2004


250 - 400 ccm


Estrella RS & Custom 250  BJ250C9 (RS), BJ250D8 (Custom)


On of the several retro bikes from Kawasaki these days. The Estrella RS and custom. They have probably had an old BSA Gold Star to look at when they made this one. The RS is the more sporty one with a disc brake on every wheel and a one-piece saddle. The Custom have drum brakes front and rear, a classic two piece saddle and different pain scheme.

  Metallic Nocturne Blue/Galaxy Silver type 2      
  Ebony/Luninous Tangerine Orange Ebony   Metallic Phantom Silver    

The one at left, Estrella RS called Chrome. Its a limited version witch will be produced for a period of time.  The difference are chrome on the fuel tank,  side cover and headlight case and a two-tone seat.


Balius-II 250 ZR250B7

  This nimble 250cc DOHC 16 valve inline four 40 hp motorbike have been in production sins 1997 (Balius-II). The first Balius came in 1991.  
  Pearl Mystic Black


Metallic Ruby Red

Moonlight Silver



Zephyr X 400 ZR400G7

  Pearl Mystic Black   Luninous Windsor Green   Engine  
Like its bigger brothers the Zephyr 750 and 1100 the Zephyr X share the look of a Kawasaki from the 70s. The design is much like the famous Z900/Z1000 and Z650 from that era.

Its one thing the Zephyr X doesn't have in common with the others and that's displacement. Its "only" a 400ccm engine living in its frame. But small doesn't mean gutless, the engine produce over 50hp so it no far from a classic Z650 in real power. 

The Zephyr X have the looks from the 70s but the technique are up to date. The brakes looks like they are take from a racer.


Details from the front and rear wheels of the Zephyr X, note: dual dishes and an box type swing arm

  The engine have modern technique under its classic covers and the frame is stable and strong.  Made for the Japanese home marked.  



500 - 650 ccm

    The ER5 another Kawasaki who have been around for a while. Its based on the more sporty GPZ500S (Ninja 500) and share the 4/stroke parallel twin with the GPZ. A good commuter or learner bike  
  Metallic Comet Blue      
  You can have it in any colours, just choose one of this...    
  Galaxy Silver 2   Pearl Chrome Yellow  

W650 EJ650A5

Luminous Polaris Blue/Metallic Champagne Gold
  Metallic Phantom Silver/Metallic Cremona Olive   Candy Cardinal Red/Metallic Champagne Gold   Luminous Polaris Blue/Metallic Champagne Gold  

W650 in details.

  For 2003 there are an limited version called Chrome, Like the 250 Estrella Chrome version the fuel tank, headlight cover and the rear shocks are chromed. The rims are black and the seat are two-tone.  

The W650, a modern version of a classic British twin, and a modern brother of the Kawasaki W1 and W2 motorbikes from the 60s and early 70s. The W650 features the styling and character of the older 650 twins but uses modern design and technology. The result is a classic bike that is both smooth and reliable. In Japan its sold in two versions one with high and one with low handlebars. Have only seen the one with high handlebars in other markets.

The bike to own if you are a lover of old British bikes but want a more reliable bike for daily use.




ZR7 ZR750-F5 & ZR7S ZR750-H3


The ZR7 and ZR7S are basically the same bike, the only difference are the frame mounted top fairing and the instruments of the S model. the engine, an air-cooled inline four. Quite modern but with the look of an old Z.

    Candy Lighting Blue   Metallic Ruby Red   Moonlight Silver  
  ZR7 Instruments              

ZR7S Instruments

Candy Lighting Blue Metallic Ruby Red Moonlight Silver

The Blue Red and Silver models are available in Europe, in USA they also have the yellow one, on the pictures at left.


Zephyr 750 ZR750C9, ZR750D7 (RS)

      The Zephyr 750 and & 750RS the bike if you are looking for an Z650 from the 1970s but want modern handling and a more powerful engine. The RS version have classic looking wheels compared to the more modern wheels on bikes today. A matter of taste....  
    Metallic Chestnut Brown   Pearl Mystic Black  
  750RS, Metallic Chestnut Brown          
          Zephyr 1100 ZR1100A8, ZR1100B6 (RS)  
    Metallic Chestnut Brown   Pearl Mystic Black    
    Much the same as the 750 but with a larger engine, more power, more weight...for lovers of the old Z900 and Z1000, a really classic.    
      1100RS, Metallic Chestnut Brown  
  750       1100  


  ZRX   ZRX-II  
    Pearl Mystic Black   Candy Lime Green/ Galaxy Silver   Pearl Mystic Black      
  Instruments ZRX For the Japanese marked, some hot "small" bikes. The ZRX is a copy of the ZRX1200R, and the ZRX-II a copy of the ZRX1200. They are some smaller than their bigger brothers but they look the same and have a engine producing lots of power for its displacement. Instruments ZRX-II  
  ZRX1200, ZRXZ1200S ZR1200-B3, ZRX1200R ZR1200-A3    
    Pearl Mystic Black   Candy Lightning Blue*   Candy Lightning Blue   Galaxy Silver/ Pearl Chateau Gray  
  Pictures marked with an * shows Japanese version.   Galaxy Silver/ Pearl Chateau Gray   Candy Lime Green/ Galaxy Silver   Candy Lime Green/ Galaxy Silver      
      The ZRX1200, 1200S and 1200R are three versions of the same bike. the only difference are the fairing or lack of fairing and the instruments. Kawasaki have in resent years made a lot of "retro" bikes and the ZRX1200 a modern copy of the muscle bikes from the 80s. First out is the ZRX1200 the one without any fairing at all, you can see it at the pictures at left. For those who want to feel the wind pressure at high speed and the look of a classic muscle bike. Only in black for 2003.  
  Pearl Mystic Black Pearl Mystic Black                  
  Next is a Eddie Lawson replica, Eddie Lawson raced a green Z1000 in the early 80s with great success. After Lawson's success at the tracks in USA, Kawasaki mad a Eddie Lawson Replica in the early 80s, the (K)Z1000R and (K)Z1100R. the ZRX1200R is a replica of the replica! It have a bikini top fairing and classic instruments. You can take a look at the instruments at right, and some pictures of the 2003 model above. this bike looks GREAT!

And then we have the ZRX1200S, not sure but it looks like the GPZ1100 from the 80s. It have modern instruments (right) and a half fairing who helps a lot against the wind. You can have a look at it below.

  Pearl Mystic Black   Instruments ZRX1200R  
  Candy Lightning Blue Candy Lightning Blue   Galaxy Silver/Pearl Cosmic Gray   Galaxy Silver/Pearl Cosmic Gray   Japanese version   Instruments ZRX1200S  

They may look some different but the three bikes are very similar, all have the same frame, wheels, suspension and engine. The ZRX1200Rís engine is based on the mighty Kawasaki NINJA ZZR1100, ZX-11 power plant The engine is tuned with emphasis on low- and mid-range rpm performance. The ZRX1200R engine features electroplated cylinders, which transfer heat much quicker than steel, allowing tighter tolerances to be utilized to generate more power. Pistons with concave domes are found in the lightweight, all-aluminium cylinder block. This translates to a user-friendly street personality and amazing roll-on performance on the highway

      Do you think it feels slow compared to the ZX12R? Then read this test from 2001.    
  Some nice ZRX1200R pictures.   Pictures marked with an * shows Japanese version. On the the export models the stripes on the tank are separated, and it got some more horses in the engine.  
    * Lime Green Japanese version.        
  ZRX1200R Sales guide in PDF format.            

The 2003 models are divided in six pages:


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