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Sport & Super Sport

Updated 24.12.2004


250 - 500


KRR  ZX150


This is not a common bike in Europe, found the it on Kawasaki New Zeeland. They say: The KRR ZX150 takes over from the popular KR150 that dominated the 150 Street stock class. Even better than before with Kawasaki Ninja styling, powerful 150cc 2-stroke engine in a high quality package normally only seen on larger machines.


Ninja styling: Full aerodynamic fairing protects the rider and looks like Kawasaki big bore super bikes.  High performance: liquid-cooled engine The 148cc 2-stroke engine delivers strong responsive power through a 6-speed constant mesh gearbox. Perimeter frame and braced swing arm: The perimeter "space frame" and rigid swing arm contribute to racer like handling. The Uni-Trak rear suspension is preload adjustable and has a remote reservoir for added performance. Large multi reflector headlamp: The large multi reflector headlamp not only adds to the KRRs good looks but also means riding on the darkest night is safer


Other similar models from the Asian marked, from left to right, Kawasaki KR150S1, KR150SSR and a blue KR150ZX


250Ninja or GPX250

The smallest of Kawasaki's sport bikes is the NINJA® 250R. It delivers big performance and loads of styling, including three different colour choices, wrapped in an attractively priced package. he bike's lightweight and compact design is what makes this NINJA motorcycle a real joy for riders of all skill levels. It has a low seat height for confidence at stops, an electric starter and Kawasaki's UNI-TRAK® progressive rear suspension system, similar to that found on the larger-displacement NINJA models.  

Not sure about this red one, it was in the 2003 advertisings, but it may be an 2002 model.

      The 250R is powered by a liquid-cooled, in-line twin-cylinder four-stroke engine, with dual overhead cams and four valves per cylinder. The high-output engine delivers smooth predictable power that's perfect for the sport's new initiates. And at the same time, more seasoned riders will find the NINJA 250R an exciting experience, thanks to its 14,000-rpm redline and six-speed transmission. The NINJA 250R is Kawasaki NINJA® performance in a compact package  
  The ZXR400, not sure if its still in production, the picture were found on an Asian web site. The bike haven't been changed for years. Still the strongest 400ccm sport bike you can get with its 65 hp.  

250Ninja and 500ninja (ZX5R) are the US name of the bike, the European names are GPX250R and GPS500S


  500Ninja or GPz500S  

The GPZ500s or 500Ninja witch is its US name have been around for a while. More precise sins 1987. The 2003 model  looks a lot more modern than the 1987 one. It have been modernised many times, but basically its the same machine.  A really nice 500 twin.

  Metallic Noctume Blue, Pearl Chateau Gray  
  Galaxy Silver, Pearl cosmic Gray  

 This is what Kawasaki say about it:

Novice and experienced riders alike will appreciate the 500R's liquid-cooled, inline twin-cylinder four-stroke engine. With dual overhead cams actuating four valves per cylinder, the snappy motor is user-friendly and inspirational. Indeed, exploring the top end of this engine's rev range is entertaining for even the most seasoned of riders.  Of course, the NINJA 500R's motor isn't its only selling point. On twisty back roads, the bike's lightweight, compact design makes for a great-handling machine.  The 500R also shares the larger-displacement Ninja's sporty styling cues, which contribute to both form and function. Furthermore, the sleek-looking half-fairing provides plenty of wind protection, and is stylishly complemented by the lower fairing.




750 - 900


ZX7R Ninja


The Kawasaki NINJA® ZX-7R sport bike's resume speaks for itself. With nine AMA Superbike Championships and a number of victories with Kawasaki Road Racing’s Eric Bostrom at the helm, the ZX-7R has a history unmatched by any other sport bike. A Rob Muzzy-tuned ZX-7R also carried Kawasaki Drag Racing’s Rickey Gadson to three AMA/Prostar Drag Racing championships.   This is what Kawasaki said about the ZX7R for 2003 (above). This is another  "long runner" for Kawasaki, it have been around in almost the same speck sins 1996.  Available in classic Kawasaki Lime Green and a fiery orange colour scheme, the NINJA ZX-7R’s good looks accurately reflect its winning reputation.

    Fiery Orange   Fiery Orange  
  Fiery Orange   Lime Green   Lime Green  

ZX9R Ninja ZX900-F2

  US Version  
  Europe Version  
    Galaxy Silver   Lime Green   Metallic Comet Blue    

From the 1984 NINJA® 900R – the world’s first production 16-valve, liquid-cooled, in-line four-cylinder motorcycle – to the 2003 NINJA® ZX-9R sport bike, Kawasaki is continually extending its performance heritage. The ZX-9R delivers awesome engine response, precise handling, modern-day versatility and open-class performance 

The ZX-9R’s lightweight, all-aluminium cylinder block, with chrome composite plating for wear resistance and superior heat dispersion, is the envy of the road and the racetrack. The cylinder head itself is shaped to provide a high compression ratio, while the cam timing and profile are designed for massive torque across the rev range.

The ZX-9R’s short-wheelbase and narrow aluminium frame features a front engine mount close to the steering head to improve the engine’s ability to function as a stressed member of the frame and increase rigidity. A detachable sub frame houses the streamline seat and tail section, providing an aggressive and comfortable riding position.

Underneath the rider, an extruded-aluminium braced swing arm features a hexagonal structure with ribbing for reduced weight and exceptional rigidity. Fully adjustable single shock rear. The shock comes equipped with a ride-height adjuster that allows for fine-tuning the chassis to suit racetrack or road conditions.

Up front, damping settings in the 46mm cartridge fork match the chassis and rear suspension settings to provide an even fluid ride. Like the rear shock, the fork features the state-of-the-art steeples damping adjuster. With 320mm of semi-floating dual front disc brakes, clamped by opposed four-piston callipers and a rear disc brake holder designed to save weight, the ZX-9R can stop efficiently from virtually any speed.  (Note the text are taken from Kawasaki)

  New model next year?  

There are strong rumours that Kawasaki will make a new big bore sport bike for 2004. The ZX10R. According to MCN it will have a new engine with at least 160hp. And it will probably be available in a ZX10R and A ZX10RR like the ZX6R & RR models today. It will be a new design all over.


In the past Kawasaki has proved an ability to make engines that are more powerfull than its competitors. The engine will be new sins the ZX9R engine of today can not be stretched any further than 953ccm. The chassis geometry may be based on the ZX-RR racer of 2003. The new ZX6RR are close to that racer today and the ZX10R will be even closer.  It is expected to bu launched in September and could be in the dealers by the end of 2003.

  Note: this is digital made pictures of what the new bike is supposed to look like, the three at left are the MCN version.  





ZX12R Ninja ZX1200-B2

ZX12R 2003, mostly new colours.
  Moonlight Silver   Lime Green US ver.  
  Two colour versions of the black one:  
  Europe: Bottom of fairing is Gold (2002?)  
  US: bottom of fairing is black/grey, and its a reflex front and rear.  
  Three different colours for you:  
  Moonlight Silver  
  Lime Green  
  Pearl Mystic black / Metallic Crescent Gold  
The strongest Kawasaki for the last three years!
The ZX12R Ninja
The ZX12R came as an new model in 2000. Back then it was the strongest big bike ever produced. In top speed it was passed by the Suzuki GSX1300R with a few kilometres. The Suzuki even handled better. But the Kawasaki was very close and looked a lot better. Take a look at the 2000 model.

In 2002 Kawasaki improved the bike with a lot of changes. 140 changes to be more precise. From a better more sporting chassis, better power delivery from the engine, new swing arm. There will be a better presentation of the 2002 bike in the 2002 page. Its not ready at the moment.


The strongest around with 178 hp at the engine. Then you add the Ram Air effect at high speed and you got 190hp from the 1200ccm engine. Top speed are now set to 299km/h for all the Japanese big bike. In real world only the ZX12R and GSX1300R will be able to reach that speed.


  Some more ZX12 pictures  
  Another nice silver one   European. Version.   Don't say you cant have hard luggage, bags from Corbin. Left 2002 model.  
    Some wallpapers of the mighty ZX12R ninja    
    ZX12R Sales Guide PDF format.                
  GPZ900R, ZX900-A16 Japan only  
Surprised to still find the Gpz900R still in production? The 900R first arrived in 1984 so it will have its 20th birthday in 2004!
The bike is much the same as the 1984 version,  some changes have been made thro the years. Early in the 1990s it got a new fork (cartridge), brakes and 17 in front wheel. This year it got some 6-pot Tokico front callipers. The power....that's down to 84hp from the originally 115 in 1984.
Source: Performance Bikes and Kawasaki Japan.

There will be a GPZ900, 750R page later.


The 2003 models are divided in six pages:


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