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Advertising & Campaigns #1

  Alberta Ferretti, Kookai, Kathleen Madden, Federica, Galleries Lafayette and Polo & Zoomp.  
Last updated: 14.01.2007
Number of pictures/videos: 236/0
New pictures: 115

Advertising & Campaigns #2

  Diamond.Com, Daniel Swarovski, Zeki Triko, Zapa..  
Last updated: 18.12.2003
Number of pictures/videos: 178/5
New pictures: -


  From The Pirelli Calendar and Sport Illustrated Calendars.  
Last updated: 06.12.2004
Number of pictures/videos: 181/21
Added/new  pictures: -

Film festival

  The Cannes and other film festivals  
Last updated: 08.05.2005
Number of pictures/videos: 431/2
Added/new  pictures/videos: 389/2

Family & young years:

  With her family. And in her younger years.     
Last updated: 20.08.2006
Number of pictures/videos: 236/5
Added/new  pictures/videos: 12

From visitors:

  Pictures sent to me, great.  
Last updated: 12.06.2006
Number of pictures/videos: 417/0
Added/new  pictures/videos: 74/0


  The Guess pictures.  
Last updated: 24.03.2002
Number of pictures/videos: 111/1
Added/new  pictures/videos: --


  HQ pictures, scanned by the best artists out there.  
Last updated: 12.07.2006
Number of pictures/videos: 87/0
New pictures: -

Just Pictures

  Pictures of Laetitia old and new witch doesn't fit in any of the other galleries.  
Last updated: 12.06.2006
Number of pictures/videos: 34/0
Added/new  pictures: 25/0


  From Asterix, Bleue, Gitano and Les Ames Forte...  
Last updated: 20.03.2004
Number of pictures/videos: 199/5
Added/new  pictures/videos: --


  The Magazines Laetitia have been in. From inside & outside.  
Last updated: 20.08.2006
Number of pictures/videos: 795/0
Added/new  pictures: 2


  Laetitia Casta was sleeted as the new Marianne for the 21 Century  
Last updated: 10.07.2005
Number of pictures/videos: 46/1
New pictures: 7

New pictures

  New pictures of Laetitia, at least new for me.  
Last updated: 03.02.2007
Number of pictures/videos: 206/0
Added/new  pictures/videos: 4


  From Wetten Dass 2002 and 1999.  
Last updated: 06.01.2004
Number of pictures/videos: 72/0
New pictures: -

Victoria's Secret

  The time Laetitia had with Victoria's Secret and still have.   
Last updated: 07.08.2002
Number of pictures/videos: 20/0
New pictures: -


  The wallpapers.  
Last updated: 23.03.2003
Number of pictures/videos: 57/0
New pictures: -


  Some work done by Laetitia like her book..  
Last updated: 18.06.2002
Number of pictures/videos: 52/0
New pictures: -

Total nr. of pictures / videos: 3386/39

  Last update:   25. mai 2017  

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